Maids of Dishonour – CALSTAR

10 Mar

F/2f; time: 44 minutes

A bride spanks her disloyal bridesmaids. Curly blonde ‘Jamie Woods’ plays ‘Laura,’ who turns out to be an agressive and maybe slightly Lesbian defender of her wedding plans. A  brunette and another blonde, ‘Laura Michaels’ as ‘Sarah,’ play her bridesmaids.

The three girls gossip, very typical girltalk. Laura says her fiance claims he is a virgin.  But the brunette struggles with this, and breaks down and admits she had sex with him last month at a party they all attended. It was nothing, just a drunken moment. At first, Laura will break off the wedding, but wait, even better, she will give both these disloyal friends severe spankings. And they will take it!

Both girls want to “clear the air.” While Laura positions a chair, the brunette drops her jeans and does a bend-over which virtually blacks out the screen. OTK, black knickers, Laura takes her friend’s panties down herself, and the girl puts up a steady, loud squawk, quite a lot for a voulnteer. Sarah winces in the background. Laura switches to the oval and floppy paddles from the CalStar locker.

“Stand up and take off your top…..umm, I can see what he [her fiance] was looking at.” The girls all smile. The brunette takes off her bra and Laura give her estimable boobs more than a casual feel.  But we move on. “Oh no, not the cane. That will hurt like hell.” About 20 hard strokes-repeats. A vertical blood bruise appears between her buttocks-the only cause for it we can propose is that her round cheeks banged together hard enough during her thrashings to create it. A  first for us.

“If you can take my husband, you can take the cane, can’t you?…stand up and let me have a look at that ass.” The brunette is finished and Laura dismisses her, but she wants to stay.. “Can’t I watch Sarah being spanked?”

Sarah gets the same spanking and paddling–bride Laura does her panties also. For some cinematic reason we couldn’t divine, the naked and punished brunette has to leave the scene to go to the toilet. Sarah desperately cries out “Oh, God. Oh, God,’ as her punishment proceeds. Now the cane for her.

Hidden in this seemingly meaningless video comes one of the more entertaining canings we can recall. Sarah screams and yells through about 20 cane strokes with unusual realism, reflexively flapping her arms, bouncing around, pounding the chair in pain.She jumps about and has to settle down and line up again for many of the strokes. The welts look real and ripen during the scene, and those telltale wrap-around marks form a pattern on her flank, testifying to the strength of  the whippy cane stroke . No debate that Laura is enjoying this.

The girls learn the meaning of “friendship and unity.” Sarah provides the obligatory forntal glimpse.



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