Class of ’94 – CALSTAR

11 Mar

M/2f; time: 56 minutes

Busy, busy CP stars; actress ‘Alison Payne’ (‘Lisa,’ or one of several names, most of her work at MOONGLOW) and CP-producer ‘Ivor Gold’ are featured in this conventional schoolgirl romp. Prefect/Head-girl Alison brings two girls, ‘Jackson’ and ‘Parker,’ to headmaster Gold, who wears his academic robes. The girls were caught smoking.

While Alison sits a bit indecently and disrespectfully on a desk, Gold searches the girls and finds cigarettes. This film was made early enough  in her career that Alison is still checking the camera now and then. Since detention and the writing of lines haven’t worked for these girls, “we’re going to try something new.” Gold wants them to guess what he has in mind, but they’re not going there. “I’m going to spank you…your parents have signed the form.”  “It’s against the law,”  they say, but when he threatens to call their parents, the girls capitulate.

Long-haired brunette Parker will be spanked first. She removes her boater and blazer and is taken OTK by Gold. He flips her skirt up to expose white panties. “You’re fortunate I’m allowing you to retain your underwear.”

Short-haired blond Jackson prepares for her spanking. Parker at the wall, panties on display. Same handspanking.

Parker returns. Panties down this time.   “Oh, no, sir.” To the wall, bare-bottom again. Jackson again, knickers down, then the three girls are sent off.

Dissolve to an exterior scene–Alison takes Gold to view some scandalous graffiti on the school wall. “Mr. Bruiser fucks the head girl,” and what looks like a used condom hangs on a nail. Alison is ordered to scrub off the writing and find the culprits.

Fade to a third scene: Parker and Jackson are smoking in a lounge, and playing with a large phallic cucumber. Parker drops her panties, bangs on the piano, and dances with the cucumber. Head girl Alison catches them, but the two girls jump her, get her to the floor for an unconvincing spanking, and a sexual tease with the cucumber. Gold interrupts the three of them.

We thought all this was taking place in a student lounge, but in the corner, a spanking trestle is visible. It is nothing more than a carpenter’s sawhorse with a blanket tied over it. Parker is made to lie lengthwise for a handspanking, Gold pulls down her panties, silly struggling. Jackson gets the same.  The girls are cornered, but Gold is not finished.

Jackson over the trestle again. She must count 25 from a strap. Alison will get to crop Parker, 25 of those.

Gold brandishes his cane. He will let Alison cane the girls. Skirts off, Alison gives each girl six strokes to start. Jackson is unusually shocked. Panties scattered on the floor (nice!), Gold will add his six strokes to each bottom, but not as hard -we were surprised- as Alison.

The girls dress and leave. Ms. Payne wasn’t spanked formally in theis film–must have another shoot later or had one earlier in the day.

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