Prenuptial Agreement – SHADOWLANE

11 Mar

M/f’;  year: 1993; time: 50 minutes

Consentual marital fun–be careful what you sign! ‘India Wells’  plays ‘Pamela North,’ Lawrence Selden’ is ‘Peter North,’ and Eve Howard wrote and directed, and although we love her, all the way back to the NU-WEST teenage days, she didn’t scribe too long on this one.

Pamela signs a prenuptial agreement without reading it closely or taking the provsions to heart, so her husband Peter reads it to her. He gets to do “corrective spanking” for violations. They kiss to seal the deal.

An agrument after one week of marriage–Pamela has been reading Peter’s mail and listening to his phone messages (we’re back in the day of cassette answering machines). She gets her first spanking. “You can’t do this!” OTK, playful smacking on the bare bottom.

Another occasion–Pamela is shopping too much. Wrestle and OTK again. “You just spanked me yesterday. I’m still bruised.” Peter has a hairbrush within retrieving. By this point, Pamela’s bottom is actually showing some wear and tear.

“When do I get benefits?”  asks Pamela. She tries to get him jealous and suspicious, violations for him in the agreement, but he turns it on her and she gets yet another spanking.

Not much to get excited about in this film. All we can think of, Pamela is lucky Peter doesn’t go for bondage (like Tanya Fox’s adventures at SL), or especially she is fortunate he isn’t into enemas (see ‘The Doctor is In.’)

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