Caned Concubine – CALSTAR

12 Mar

F/f; year: 2002; time: 20 minutes

Saudi sheik arranges for one of his concubine girls to be spanked; the girl, a brunette, is  dressed in a silly harem costume best left on the shelf at a Halloween store. A  female enforcer in the harem, a tough-looking tattooed blonde who we believe is the actress’ Laura  Michaels,’ will mete out some punishment.

“Come here girl, over my knee.” This girl has got to learn–she will do whatever she is asked, whenever she is asked. Skirt up, black thong on display. Then thong down, the actress knows to keep her hair from covering her face during the steady handspanking.

The usual CalStar sequence transpires. The concubine kneels bare-bottom on a chair for the soft oval paddle, then the floppy stingy strap/paddle. At least the girl has a big, solid, entertaining, well-shaped bottom. The blond overseer fetches a thick cane. About 15 strokes elicit gasps and groans. Like all girls being caned, she goes silent–no more silly whining. she tries to cover–“Take your hands down.”

At the conclusion, she is sent to show the sultan her bottom, imagine passing her in the corridors. And , if it were us, we’d ask her to stay around for a while.


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