Game Warden – CALSTAR

12 Mar

M/f; year: 1999; time: 26 mnutes

Actress ‘Lisa Payne’  has been caught chasing animals and making mischief on  Game Warden  ‘Mr. Jones’ estate. And from what happens here, she must do it intentionally, or he sits in wait for her, or both. We repeat–this actress has a bottom which cannot be spanked enough, and she has the acting skill to keep up steady, occasionally comic, dialogue, as her bottom is being whaled.

Lisa (or ‘Alison’) wears jeans and a flannel shirt. Jones, himself in Manor-like puttees, scolds and immediately takes her OTK, which she seems to know how to do. After a brief spanking, he directs her to stand and drop her jeans. “Like that?” No panties, but a skimpy thong. He smacks her bare bottom with a sole. She kicks up her feet. We don’t ask why she was running around in his bushes in heels. “We’re nearly finished with this preliminary phase.”

Hands on head at the wall, bare bottom, jeans at her knees. More smacks. She drops the pants. “Undo your shirt.” Lisa is sent into an adjoining room to “change.” She returns in a form-fitting full length white silk nightgown. She must know Jones’ house and keep clothing on hand for these special occasions.

Jones spanks her with a large wooden spoon, the outline of her bottom sleek under the gown. Ms. Payne always wears jersey-like dresses, tights, slacks, or form-fitting gowns which tend to accent her photogenic hips. This spoon is one of the bigger ones, and she jumps. He sees the outline–“Nice knickers you’ve got on. We’ll be seeing them in a few minutes.”

“It’s nasty,” complains Lisa of the spoon, not too vigorously. “I’m rather enjoying myself,” responds Jones. “I bet you are.” Gown up, red cheeks, he shows her a strap.

Lisa gets into the diaper position on the couch. “Like this?” Warden Jones takes her knickers off, holds her legs vertical, and goes to town w ith a studded strap. “Legs apart.” “Yes, sir.” Zoom in her pussy, a rare shot for this actress. Ten hard strokes from the strap. He rubs, she rubs. “It’s attractive,”  he understates.

This is a long punishment. She must have known when she chased the squirrel. A stunning bend-over for a martinet. He reminds her that “country life has its own rules. “Another 15 of this,” he says. “Fifteen?…watch my side.” She means her flanks, which take a beating in these long CP  sessions. A fully red bottom, and we note it isn’t possible to depict this much better.

“Seen the cane before?”  “No, sir….does it hurt?” She reminds him to “be careful.” We direct your attention to Monnglow’s ‘Molly’s One Hundred’  to see what happened to Alison there. She takes about 20 strokes from the cane, filmed on the oblique, so that her solid, round bottom juts out. She cries, twitches, begs for breaks, rubs. At the 11th stroke: “Higher..too low, sir.”

After this set a brief break, then “six more.”  “You may rub.” He invites her to have a glass of whiskey at the end, which she drinks neat, Irish moll that she is. Nothwithstanding our many ravings about this actress, this might be the best film of hers we have seen.

























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