Secretary -Stacy Stockton – FIRMHAND

13 Mar

FirmHand;  2013-2014; brunette actress ‘Stacy Stockton’ plays a none-too-reticent legal secretary. Burning blue eyes, crystal features, and of course the high and round feminine bottom coveted for CP films and typical of FirmHand, akthough there is nothing routine about this lady’s equipment.

‘BA’ (11 minutes); Attorney boss Mr. Bateman confronts Stacy with a long list of spelling errors she has made on her first documents. Undaunted by the tender morsel in front of him,  he explains that “Every mistake here is punished.” “That sounds serious,” observes Stacy, all not much daunted.

“I’m going to spank you.” Stacy finds that “this seems unprofessional,” after just being scolded for sloppy documents. He takes her OTK, the first in the series;  there is no resistance, but “this seems awkward.” She wears a striped jersey, eyeglasses, and a skirt short enough to discourage  a lot work at the file cabinets.

Bateman begins a fast handspanking. Part way through he flicks up the skirt. She really isn’t wearing any panties, just a scandalous thong. The camera zooms in. A long handspanking, over 400 smacks according to FH’s credits. Here and throughout the series, Stacy’s face and bottom are so photogenic as to attract disporoportionate amounts of attention.

‘BB’ (9 minutes) Secretary Stockton lost Mr. Bateman’s ‘Harrison ‘ file. Around here, that means bottoms-up. ” Clearly we need to punish your again.” OTK she goes, and not for the only spanking of the day. She wears the blue striped jesey and a mini-skirt which almost comes up by itself.

Very fast handspanking, 400 smacks. She can’t remember where the file is, so Mr. Bateman just keeps spankings. She stands bare-bottom at wall at the conclusion, and there is the suggestion the file was misplaced purposely.

‘BC’ (8 minutes): Stacy is late for work, arriving at 9:15 instead of 8 AM. Her attorney-boss will now not be prepared and late for his ‘hearing,’ but he carves out time to deal with her.

Stacy is being spanked regularly on this job and knows what is coming. She apologizes, is grateful for the job, etc, but her boss is going to be “taking it up a notch.” He shows her his strap. “Are you seriously going to use that strap on me?”

Brunette Stacy bends over a chair, dress up. The strapping in this episode is on her black see-through pantyhose. The strap itself is of the narrow stiffened variety, this one with Spencer-like holes drilled in the leather head, the effects of which are probably nullified by the nylon pantyhose.

‘BD’ (7 minutes): Stacy has worn very sexy, distracting, and delightfully inappropriate clothing to the office. The top of a black net dress amounts to a transparent bra. He shows her a cane. “What’s that, Mr. Bateman?”

She will get 12 strokes from this cane, starting out on her flesh-fitting black tights. Part way through, she drops the tights to display a G-string, engineered down to the absolute minimum. You can imagine her design when she pulled this out of her dresser that morning. She wears just the feathery net bra, the G-String, black stockings, and heels.

The caning is completed on a virtually bare bottom, showing patterns of marks from previous spankings, illustrating (1) that spankings are the norm for Stacy on the job, and (2) these segments were filmed in close proximity.

Lot of bottom closeups, and especially facials, for this stunning blue-eyed brunette, who has just the slightest tendency to mug for the camera. But she has the equipment.

‘BE’ (9 minutes): Brunette employee Stacy has let a former secretary, who is persona non grata, into the building. Her boss: “I am going to have to punish you for this.”  This is not unusual in this office.

Stacy leans and puts her hands on a desk, thrusting out her bottom and a little blue mini-skirt. The boss uses a full-size fraternity paddle, although not thick. The first paddle shots are hard and a shock to Stacy. She takes the skirt off on command and shows us delightful sky-blue panties, very tight, and certainly the finest of this actress’s many attributes. After more paddling, she takes the panties off, to display the classic paddle bruises, centered because of the size of the blade. A thong remains. Closeup rubbing and slow-motion paddling repeats.

‘BF’ (8 minutes): The deadly-cute Ms. Stockton has flirted with clients’ husbands and has irrevocably lost business for her boss, Mr. Patrick Bateman.

He bends her over a kitchen counter, exposing her bottom, showing the accruing effects of the spankings in this series. She accepts this punishment almost gleefully, and actually suggests Bateman use a crop she found when tidying his office. “We haven’t  used this yet.”

“Maybe you are starting to learn,” Bateman observes, and sets to work with the crop, quite eagerly. The FIRMHAND credits note 78 strokes, fired rapidly in the time allowed. Full bottom closeups.

(BG)(M/f; year: 2014; time:8 minutes)  Stacy is working in Bateman’s kitchen, cleaning and tidying. It seems that Stacy flirted with a good client and the account was lost. That earns another spanking. Over the sink she goes, sundress flicked up, pink thong, bruises from this daily instruction from Bateman. Stacy shows Bateman a crop she found in the kitchen (do you have one in yours?) and thinks her offense deserves it.

Stacy is into this life. She gets 78  fast strokes, her boobs pop out of her dress. This is all good. She apologizes and goes back to work.

(BH)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Stacy borrowed the company car, had a few drinks, and totaled the car. There is no insurance for this event. But Bateman has his collateral–her bottom. Stacy is stunning here–raven black hair and saucer blue eyes.

Bateman will go to the cane. “Do you want me to bend over, sir?” Bateman begins to cane her on her skirt. Stacy lifts the skirt to expose gauzy black panties. Bruises from previous times. Stacy is one of those models who can look into the camera without seeming to be checking with the director.

“I need your bottom bare.” “Yes, sir.” She does the panties, and after a short caning Bateman invites her to dinner. He should certainly invite her back for a nightcap. And we would have suggested leaving the panties behind.

(BJ)(M/2f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes) Bateman is completing another office spanking with Stacy. Another secretary has appeared on the scene, ‘Allison Miller,’ and now she will be spanked. Bateman takes her OTK and bunches her panties. The girls giggle. Allison recalls other spankings from Bateman. “You’re not going hard enough.” Bateman doubles down, and that ends the chatter.

The girls are frisky. Stacy lies on top of Allison on Bateman’s lap. “I can take more, Mr. Bateman, if you don’t  mind,” as if her bottom  were jealous on its own. Both bottoms to the wall, panties survive. Stacy is more bruised, because she made 8 segments before this one.

(BK)(M/2f; time: 7 minutes) Bateman is astounded to hear that Stacy rearranged the office files by the client’s first name. Anything for some attention in the rear area. In addition. she messed up his schedule so that he missed a meeting. He has both Stacy and Allison bend over the desk.

He starts on Stacy with an extra-thick pingpong paddle. There are those amassed bruises. She has rarely lost those same black panties. As the session, ends, Allison positions herself quite willingly for her turn.

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