Tales From the Rod-Choir Girl – CALSTAR

13 Mar

F/f; time: 29 minutes;

Actress ‘Steph,’ one of our favorite domme’s from the CALSTAR 80’s, plays a choirmaster. She has a very young-looking ‘boy’ in her clutches. “There are a few things we need to clear up….go downstairs.” The set is a nciely furnished Victorian school office, a lot of detail and care taken to the set.

The cute short-haired brunette calls himself ‘Bob,’ Steph has heard rumors, “that you are a girl and not a boy. This is a boys’ choir.’ We know we are in the right place to solve this problem-no need to go to the infirmary.

“There is one way we’re going to clear this up.” The boy/girl declares: “No way am I going to strip off.” “I  want you to pull down your pants and prove it to me.”  ‘Bob’ refuses, hesitates, but finally capitulates, and drops her pants. The camera zooms in on her pubic fuzz.

Steph is angry of course, and decides that the girl, if she wants to be in the boys’ choir, will be treated like the rest of the boys. “What do you mean, Miss?”

Steph takes the girl OTK on a fancy Victorian chair, out of the corridor of an abbey. Chior gown up, the spanking begins on her panties. Knickers down, hard spanking, sniffles and gasps from the girl. The actress Steph has always been a hard spanker. “Stop squirming, girl.”

The shift/gown comes over her head. Down to just blouse. More frontals. Tie and blouse off – a full and leisurely frontal. Before matters deteriorate further, the girl gathers and organizes her pile of discarded clothes–full screen nudity time.

After more scolding, the faker bends over the Victorian desk for the paddle–again very hard. Tears. “Stop sniffling please…I  could have done this in front of the choir.”  The girl is quivering by this time. the floppy paddle brings more cries.

Steph proceeds to the cane, a very long session, which  included repeats. Almost 45 strokes are shown. “I need your legs straight…otherwise we start again.” Are there blood flecks? The usual varied angles. The choir girl is very unhappy, a good actress, and when the caning is over, her bottom looks like a Eastern European product. Steph was wild with some strokes, all sorts of varied lines, including attention to the thighs. She is sent off, naked of course. One of the better punishments we have seen.

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