(Mische and the) Policewoman – NUWEST NWV-161

14 Mar

F/f; year: 1991; time:25 minutes

Vintage NU-WEST with actress ‘Mische.’ She is standng in just her underwear before the policewoman’s desk. She is gotten into some kind of trouble, and this uniformed ‘policewoman’ (‘Alicia’) has some administrative procdures she can apply to offenders. “Mische, you know you’re going to get a good sound spanking over my knee, don’t you?”

With no more discussion, the tall blond policewoman positions a chair in this sparse stage setup, takes Mische OTK  and takes her panties down immediately. The spanking begins instantly. The policewoman stops to scold (and to rest Mische’s bottom). “I’m new in this job and you’re not going to get away with anything with me.”

The policewoman is operating a hand-held audio recorder to make a record of this session. Camera angles of the spanking are less varied this time–mostly rear shots and closup rear, the most favored visages. At the conclusion of this segment, Mische and the policewman hug and she goes to the corner, pants down.

After a fade, the spanking is going to contiue. The scene opens with Mische naked now, doubled over a trestle, her hands fastened to its legs. “Spanking didn’t teach you. This will!” The policewoman whips her with a martinet, to her screams. When this short session clncludes, she is released and sits up on the horse, naked and quivering. We get the only facial here.

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