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17 Mar

M/f; M/f; M/f; M/f time:  27 minutes

MOONGLOW actresses take schoolgirl spankings in a rough-cut film compilation we couldn’t find in the MOONGLOW catalogue, at least under this name. One of our favorite actresses, ‘Alison Payne,’ plays  ‘Caroline.’  She wears her school uniform–blouse, tie, and skirt, and she has that insouciant, snarky attitude this actress does so well.

Caroline hears from a male teacher she is going to be spanked, or her father will be called. The teacher grabs her OTK and pulls down her knickers immediately. “It’s not fair, sir…..I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”   You’re sorry?….. go the punishment room.”

In a choppy edit, we are suddenly on another part of the MOONGLOW set, a brick-walled room found in many of their films. “Bend over the desk please.” [again we hear the director’s voice, trying to get the positioning correct]. The teacher pulls up her skirt, lowers her knickers, and canes her very hard. Caroline counts out the strokes. The choppy scene is partially repeated, and the film  is flipped in mirror-image, so the instructor is caning with his left hand. We’re not offended—the longer Ms. Payne’s bottom is on the screen, the happier we are.

The second spanking sequence follows the same format. The instructor confronts ‘Victoria’ (the actress ‘Jenny Close’) and’Miss Smith.’ who is also a school supervisor, procuring these girls for the teacher. He grabs Victoria OTK and begins the same spanking. “Oh, it’s stinging.” Victoria has lied to Miss Smith about going to the disco. Rough cut to the punishment room again. Victoria is in school uniform and gets the cane over the desk–she counts out 12 strokes. We have the same mirror-image repeats.

Another session–the film is really just a set of short serial spanking stories featuring the Moonglow ensemble, as well as a full film added. ‘Susan,’  a buxom brunette, has been caught cheating by the same ‘Miss Smith,’ who has clearly figured out that this teacher fancies these young student bottoms. Susan goes to the punishment room and gets the same caning. “Keep still, girl. Feet together.”

The last segment features ‘Miss Smith’  herself, an older blonde.  The instructor blames her for a lot of these student troubles. Smith tells him she thought that in fact he had an eye for Victoria’s bottom. “I should take you to the punishment room,” he says. In the room, out of deference to her status, he canes her on her skirt—six strokes, but they are “useless.”  “We’ll try it with the skirt off.” Whte satin panties, then they come down, for the final six. Not much doubt both paritcipants enjoyed this.

The last part of this film contains MOONGLOW’s ‘Impertinence,’  which we have reviewed. A smarmy instructor canes a cute schoolgirl for having written bawdy couplets in her bluebook about his widely known spanking fetish.


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