17 Mar

M/4f; year: 2005; time: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Dark and harsh doings from LUPUS/RIGIDEAST, where  the actress ‘Niki Flynn’ made 5 films for The Czechs over a three-year period. And even given the rumors that RGE had a very good cosmetics department, the spanking ferocity  certainly necessitated some recovery time for her between projects.

This film begins with black-and-white documentary inserts of Stalin-era newsreels, set in the 1950’s. We watched this film without benefit of subtitles. The LUPUS website, now going off-line, provided some plot help. We won’t fuss the details. A  young girl has been caught defacing a Stalin photograph, so she will be brought to an institution and tortured in the way RGE did best, in order to determine which of her friends were implicated.


Actress ‘Katerina Tetova,’ as ‘Bozena,’ is apprehended and driven through the countryside in an automobile of the period, escorted by male government agents, dressed carefully in ’50’s clothing. We can’t think of another film company which went to such lengths for set and setting design, when most viewers are just here to see a girl get spanked. We love the build-ups.D4B04536-2711-4097-B0E5-DFE6576DD035

Bozena is admitted by a group of guards, male and female, and made to strip naked in front of them, and drops her clothing into a wicker basket, with an air of hopeless finality. A  female guard puts on a rubber glove and does a none-too-gentle cavity check. Her nude mug shot is taken -#03128. She is thrown naked into a cell. Cut to her interrogation–bright spotlights, guards puffing on cigarettes, all classic melodramatic Iron Curtain police intimidation.


The ‘torture’  begins. Actor ‘Jan Zlatousty,’ plays the inquisitor in this film. He, of  extraordinary ‘Wild Party 1′ and ‘Wild Party 2,’ may be a candidate for the most severe disciplinarian in the CP genre. Bozena is chained to a slanted board, stark naked, on her back, her thighs spread, her legs pulled over her head and her ankles chained to the wall ove her head, as are her wrists. Her fearful face is visible between her legs. This demonic posture displays her buttocks, thighs, vagina, and breasts. Jan wears a full length rubber apron and stands there with his cane. You can almost hear Bozena’s eyeballs clicking back and forth in panic and fear.


An alarm clock shows 4 PM. Jan begins a fearsome whipping with his cane. This posture exposed the full length of the thigh and eliminates the buttocks crease. Bozena is screaming and thrashing on the board, and shortly her bottom resembles a rutted country road, after just 3 minutes of film. Blood knicks and major wheals. We suspend disbelief. At the end of her session, the alarm clock reads 6 PM.

There are insertions of scenes of men in conference, drinking and smoking, always. We assume they are analyzing the data they are gathering, because the next sedan has arrived, delivering actress ‘Niki Flynn.’  Her nude mug shot is #69826. She is interrogated wearing a dark brown monks’ robe. Since she is an American actress, some of this part of the film is in English. “I am an English citizen,”  she protests. The agents claim “You were deceived,” and they want to know about an “organized group” she was part of.


Niki is kicked to her cell, and soon we see her stark naked, chained to the slanted board, Jan standing by in his apron and cane. We’re pretty sure we have never seen more of Ms.Flynn than in this posture. Many of her bend-overs and OTK scenes in other films are playground stuff compared to this, and the whipping which follows.



After more men-in-conference, a third girl is brought to the institution, long red-haired actress ‘Jan Mtsickova,’ who soon finds herself naked on a different slanted board, but this one longer, and she is full-length on her stomach. He whales her bottom in the same way.



The last arrival at the camp is none other than actress ‘Alexandra Wolf,’ seen in many RGE  films as a domme,  but here she is prisoner #58426 and on the other end of the cane for the first time we’ve seen,  and she takes her whipping sitting naked on the sharp edge of a wedge on a sawhorse. She is the first to sign a “confession.”


There follow a series of nasty punishment scenes of the  girls: a girl being full-body whipped while strung up; several scenes of Niki: tied face-down; having her soles beaten  bastinado;, and another scene of her strung up strappado; and more of her being pussy-whipped and forced to do PT to collapse;  standing naked balancing on a small block, blindfolded, with her arms trapped in a straightjacket; and last, her neck pinned by a ring to the wall, her wrists also attached, water dripping on her head, water torture style. when the guards dry-fire a pistol into her head, she becomes the fourth girl to capitulate and sign the ‘confession.’


The group, the men, the male and female guards, celebrate with another drinking session.

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