17 Mar

2F/6f; time:  47 minutes

Six girls in a classrooom, a hurried and crammed attempt to get all the nuances of schoolgirl CP  into one film.

Six Sixth Form girls sit captive in front of two teachers, ‘Mrs. Wilmot-Brown,’  and ‘Mrs. Lancer,’ who seem determined to torment and hassle them for the sake of it. One or more of them has been caught shoplifting in town. Since no one volunteers, all will be punished. There is a lot of confused movement and name calling-out in this 47 minutes. The details are not important. Six bottoms to spank is enough.

The first girl, ‘Thompson,’ a pretty auburn ponytailed athlete, arrives late, still in gym kit. She is considered a haughty elite athlete, who the teachers believe “needs to be taken down a peg or two” and so is taken OTK  and spanked on sky-blue panties, hard and very fast. She has a coughing spell. They sort of stop the performance and step out of the classroom. They return, she is better, and Mrs. Wilmot-Brown has brought a cane. More brief handspanking. “I’m going to cane you.” Hands-on-knees, tears mixed with a few coughs, 3 strokes on her pants, then 3 on the bare, very hard, almost wicked wrist-snaps, not the first caning this woman has done.

To all the girls, “You may be 18, but you’re not too old to go across a knee and get a damn good spanking on your bottom.” The girls queue up along the classroom wall, hands on heads. [a heavy church bell tolls on the soundtrack]. The two teachers set up chairs side by side and the girls come forward for brief handspankings over each lap, pants on. Mrs. Lancer uses a long narrow hairbrush which probably hurts like hell, but we can’t hear her very well or distinguish the students’ reactions in all the hubbub.

The choreography is confusing, the spankings are frenzied and filmed on the oblique, so we can’t appreciate any part of them. In addition to Thompson above, there are two  Asian girls, two blondes, and a redhead. After each girl sits, they take turns getting a heavy ruler on their palms.

Mrs. Wilmot-Brown announces in her faux imperious manner: “The lessons in school are learned on the bare bottom.” The girls must repeat this line in their notebooks. First, Mrs. W-B strips Suki to her knickers and vest and the other girls are hassled to do the same. The girls then parade in sequence forward again to be handspanked on their knickers.

[bangs and thumps on the set, and several sotto voce remarks from a male director]

And finally, some resolution. The caning begins. Each girl comes forward , gets 3 on her knickers and 3 on the bare. Firm, hard, no nonsense strokes they are, but the camera work and positioning on the set are so poor that we can’t appreciate the event.


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