A Chance of a Lifetime – CALSTAR

18 Mar

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

Another appearance by ‘Alison Payne’ at CALSTAR, again with ‘Joe Stewart.’ Alison and a female friend stop by for a drink. Joe makes spanking videos and these girls may model for him, because he has a proprietary interest in them. The blonde leaves to visit a boyfriend while Alison stays with Joe. The blonde is seen having a session with her boyfriend on the couch, a bindfold playfully increasing the tension.

When the blonde returns to rejoin Alison and Joe, he has found a text message where the blonde had been invited to go out for some sex, which is where she went. Apparently he has some veto power over such behavior. The confused and mostly irrelevant plot line is leading us to where we want to be–their spanking. Joe is angry at both girls, out dallyiiung around, dressed like strretwalkers. “I want to see you two spank each other. You know how to do it. You’ve watched enough of my films.” They take turns spanking each other OTK, including getting to the bare. Joe has seen enough and sends Alison off for now, but not his blond friend who made the mistake of leaving her cell phone and text messages behind (and without password protection). This film is later in Alison Payne’s career–she less the incurably naughty schoolgirl and more a sultry sophisticate, but when her pants comes off it is the same lady.

Joe now pays serious attention to his blond friend. She is spanked, strapped, and tormented. He gets her legs open and he checks: “Very nice.” A pretty, solid, athletic bottom. She is sent off to retrieve his “equipment.” She returns, now naked but for white bikini panties. Sweet.  She is put in the diaper position and paddled—mild and sexy. Then fully over the arm of a couch, legs open, paddled, then pants pulled down. This is always a revealing position. Joe positions her for a leisurely frontal view while he fondles. More on the couch–paddling, tawsing, and fondling. “Time is my favorite friend.”   “Oh no, not the cane.” You wonder if the writer of that line gets residuals. She bends over the back of a straight chair, having somehow worked her pants back up. About 25 cane strokes, half on the trim white panties and half on the bare. Toward the last, she jumps to the edge of the set ansd curses, as close as she could come to quitting. She must stand, naked, hands on head. She is finished, with a reward of a slow massage of cold cream.

Joe calls Alison to return to face her portion of the music. She is wearing a cute little outfit–white mini-skirt, a raspberry blouse, and platform heels, on her already long long legs. We love this actress in all her iterations over the years–the most spankable bottom which has a mind of its own, realistic whiney acting even under the cane, and somehow her bottom always returns to position after she has thrashed about and complained. Joe is also fascinated and fondles where he apparently has rights to go. She is soon over a chair being spanked and fondled and loving it. “Think I’ll get my friend,”  which this time is a paddle/strap. He peels her white pants down, spreads her legs and give the garment a sniff. He holds her bra strap like a satchel handle  to pinion Alison while he paddles her. More paddling agaisnt a wall, while she faces us. Finally he gives her a rough frig which virtually lifts her off the floor, before she is chased off. All in all, sexier than normal for CalStar.

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