18 Mar

M/3f;      year: 2011;    time: 25 minutes

‘Lupus Dreams,’ which means corporal punishment AND sex; two girls sit in a bar and are served a bottle of wine. The police enter, demand ID, take the girls’ passports, and take them to the police station. The girls are students at a govenment school, and this behavior is not permitted. The arresting officer fills out his report, nips at a bottle, and seems to be relishing in his good fortune.

Short-haired burnette actress ‘Marci’ will be ‘interrogated ‘ first by the police. She is ordered to undress, down to old-style bra, girdle, and stockings. The cop bends her over a chair and whips her bottom with his belt.  Blond ‘Anna Peterkova’ is watching all this. Marci collapses on the floor, recovers and gropes the officer’s crotch. Maybe she can get out of this whipping.

The officer drops his pants and Marci drops to her knees to begin a blowjob. He is BIG-she has a lot of work to do, but she gets him erect.

A bit incomprehensible, another guy enters the room and appears to be bringing the officer his lunch. He sees the action, and, because he must have privileges,  grabs Anna and spanks her OTK himself. After this, he takes Marci with him and leaves the room. His payment?

The officer now grabs Anna and begins spanking her OTK.  She must take her clothes off–skirt, necktie, blouse, undershirt, panties, so that she is naked. She kneels, geets him started with a blowjob, he  fondles her, sucks her breasts, and torments her,while she struggles mildly to avoid him. She sits on his lap, he spears her, and there follows about 5 minutes of hard sex, several postures, all good for filming. Conclude with more spanking.


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