Marital Strokes – CALSTAR

18 Mar

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Actress ‘Alison Payne’  again, this time in a CALSTAR distribution; she has her customery flowing brown-chestut hair and wears a school uniform. Actor ‘Joe Stewart,’ who seems to be her brother-in-law, catches her with marijuana.

“I’m going to tell your  sister.”  “Please don’t….you can spank me like you spank her.”  She goes over the back of a chair–the spanking begins immediately. ‘That hurts” (‘heurts’).” “This is a waste of time,” Stewart declares. Joe has her take off her skirt–she is a willing if reluctant participant in all this. OTK again, beautifully filled tight white knickers, her buttocks red around the elastic. He rubs perhaps more than he should–she gasps and spreads her legs a bit.

He bunches her panties. “You’re glowing nicely…..we’re going to take your knickers down.” “Why?” But she raises her hips to assist. “Nice and red…keep quiet and take your punishment or I will tell your sister.” Knickers “right off,” he says. It is one of the erotic spanking cues. “Right off?” she repeats. Rubbing, gasping.

Joe steers Alison to the couch and maneuvers her into the diaper position.  “Now I can watch your face,” he says. That’s what is great about this position. We can watch her face too, and other things. “We ought to use something else on you?” “Like what?” “One of your sister’s toys.” Alison is actually enjoying this.

We watch Alison’s bare bottom sway up the stairs as she is sent to put on her sister’s naughty bra-panty-garter set and bring a crop. “Bend over the chair, like your sister does.”  He canes her mostly bare bottom, “12 of these.” Then he pulls down the panties, rather slowly. 12 more. Over the couch, she counts out two sets of six. “Fuck, this is too much!” (Not!)

“Stand up. Take off your knickers and bra.” She kneels on the chair and counts out six more cane strokes, then jumps up.

“Get down!” Six more. Her bottom is kept centered throughout, another nomination for the best view of her we have seen. Hands-on-the couch. “How far can you count?”  She takes just two more. Tears from Ms. Payne–rare. “Had enough?…..stop crying, sit down.” They make up a bit, but Joe has certainly re-constituted his relationship with his schoolgirl sister-n-law.

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