Cheating Housewife – CALSTAR

19 Mar

M/f; time : 31 minutes

One-room, husband-and-wife encounter. ‘Shelly’ is seen describing an affair she is having to a friend on the phone, when her husband ‘Andy’  arrives, home early from a trip. He is displeased with her failing to meet him, spending too much money, and he has discovered stray items of mens’  clothing laying about. Well, he’s been away, and here is a helpless captive bottom which has clearly less bargaining power.

“You are going to get the usual, this time the cane.” Shelly is a small cute compact blonde, and makes tea while he gathers his implements. she is made to bend over the couch for a handspanking on skimpy black bikini pants. “Stop moaning. You love this.” :”Oh, no. You do, not me!” They go to the kitchen. The furniture there is ideal. She bends over a stool (she seems to know just how to do it), while Andy gets his crop. He straddles her, her head between his legs, and attacks her bottom from that vertical angle. Mild but fun. Finally,halfway through the film, he takes her panties down.

“As long as I  pay the bills this is what will happen.” She whines through a long cropping. She pulls her pants up then her dress off to show a tarty set of bra, pants, and garters. How could she have been wearing this if she didn’t expect her husband to come home early from his trip? We shouldn’t be asking these questions and should just go with it. Over the stool again, she gets 15 snappy sharp cane strokes, just as hard as it needs to be, illustrated by her reflexive self-defense. After these 25, Andy bares her bottom again for abour 10 more. He has done a splendid job and admires his handiwork. “Lovely marks. They’re nice.”

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