The Piano Lesson – CALSTAR

19 Mar

F/f; year: 1986; time:  23 minutes

Actress ‘Prucilla  Eastwood,’ with the skill of appearing barely legal, plays an early role for CALSTAR  distribution, in the years when Roue and Blushes were making the under-the-counter ageplay spanking films. Prucilla took the sweet spanking in ‘Naughty Aupair,’  which remains in our top-10. She always seems so genuinely unhappy about the concept of someone spanking her bare bottom. Here she plays a lazy music student, caught reading steamy fiction while playng with herself when she should be studying and practicing. A harsh female teacher will straighten her out, probably fulfilling the fantasies of many a piano teacher with lazy nubile teenage students.

Blond Miss Eastwood in pigtails and perfect school garb is sent to the bathroom to clean up; before reporting in 10 minutes to the teacher–the actress has experience on what we want to see here. The teacher enters the bathroom and is furious; there is not enough time for a bath. Eastwood must get out, lie over a stool and is handspanked on her bare wet magnificent bottom. We share this early British fascination with leisurely undressing scenes, and especially with a wet bottom. A  few suds add to the scene. Lovely closeups and nice tawny fuzz. She has been told to partially dress and report to the teacher’s study.

There she is, in a cute little shift, with blue knickers peeking out. Teacher pulls down her pants and checks her bottom. “Still warm but not as warm as when I’m finished with it.” More OTK spanking. Ms. Eastwood is the most authentic struggler under fire we have seen, miserable but subordinate. Wonderful closeups. but the teacher finds her too wiggly, so it is up on the chair. She is getting some welts.

She must report to another room to see a Mr. Turner, who will be able to spank her even harder. But he is not there, so she stands at a piano to run though her lessons. Over the piano bench for the cane, without her pants, of course, about 25 mild to moderate strokes, but their results are aggregating. The she must stand at the keys–it will be one stroke for each mistake in her playing–about 10 more. This is elegant, early genre, and Miss Eastwood can only be equalled by her successors.

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