CP Castings #2 – CALSTAR

20 Mar

2M/3f; year: 2008;  time: 53 minutes

Continuation of the story line of CalStar’s ‘CP Castings,’ except at this later date the graphics and the cinematography have improved, and the demonic actor ‘Michael Dawes’  is more overtly sexual. Girls are auditioned at an adult film studio. “George” (Dawes) is a voice behind the camera, like a NuWest or internet production.

In the first audition, two comely American girls, ‘Elisia’ and ‘Maria,’ (one is Leia Ann Woods) will perform for him and themselves. Both are tall, self-aware of their sex, and ready for action. They sit on the white sectional couch which dates to at least 10 years of CalStar films. At George’s urging, they strip, fondle, go down on eash other. We found the cunnilingus authentic and unexpectedly arousing. The girls’ orgasms seemd more real than many melodramatic porn films.

It seems the “Spanking Dept” for this studio is downstairs. The girls want to try some CP, so George goes downstairs for the “spanking equipment” while the girls suck away at each other, camera rolling. The naked girls paddle each other, then George encourages them to try the “swishy cane.” George himslef canes Maria doubled over the couch, then Elisia gets her dose. After a bare bottom comparison, the girls are sent downstaris for contracts. They can do it all.

In the second audition, Geoge meets a couple, “Kelly’ and ‘James’ (the actor ‘Earl Gray’ of extensive FIRMHAND parts in about this time),   in from Birmingham. When George asks them both to undress so he can examine the goods, it develops that Kelly forgot to bring James’  naughty clothes. He is angry, because this is a frequent happening. “I told you what was going to happen,”  and the spanking begins, as if he intended this. Jeans down, red panties, very cute, please continue.

Panties down, a charming little bottom, she laughs, suggesting James set her up for this to happen. Shw begins bruising, just on handspanks. George is entranced, gets his paddles and canes and shows his face for the first time. Kelly is encouraged that spanking might be added to her resune here at the adult studio. She becomes excited as the spanking and paddling proceed. George urges James on, suggesting a switch to the cane. “At least a dozen, I think.”

James does the work. Kelly breathes hard and is cursing him under her breath. A very careful closup at the conclusion of about 12 strokes—heavy marks, quite a day for her. Kelly is getting hired, but she won’t work for a while after this caning.  And then George (Dawes)  sums up his whole acting career in one sentence: “I’m just feeling the ridges. That’s the part I  like.”


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