Divorce Or Discipline – STRICTLYENGLISH

21 Mar

M/f; time: 55 minutes

Actress  ‘Emma Brown’ in another cunning role; we have seen a number of films where a spanking  is proposed as a solution for a legal dispute. Here, blonde actress Emma Brown  plays ‘Cindy,’ whose husband signed a divorce petition and has authorized his attorney to offer a comprehensive spanking instead.

The attorney is a British regular at StrictlyEnglish. He explains Cindy’s alternatives, then gives her a few moments to decide, providing plenty of closeup on Ms. Brown’s pretty face. She is wearing a low-cut flower-print dress, which exposes her suntan line and some still-pale cleavage, reinforcing the image that she is a naughty lady in need of correction.

Cindy accepts the “extraordinary measures punishment,” which the solicitor explains is “corporal punishment….it is a demonstration….on your bare bottom.” “…what?… Emma feigns incredulity. Not likely, wearing such a low cut dress. She capitulates. “I guess, Iguess…you can just show me what this is all about.”

The attorney sets up an OTK position, takes her over his lap, raises her summery dress to expose black polka dot panties. He begins spanking on the cloth. Her cheeks become red around the edges. At about the 8-minute mark he takes down her panties, and her bare bottom will be on the screen for the remaining 45 minutes, except for a few moments when she pulls her knickers back up, hoping she is finished. Plenty of face-time for that love-tattoo on her left buttock. Whatever boyfriend got Emma to do that probably never dreamed on this attention.  “OK, OK”  she gasps in protest, but “This is only the beginning.”

The lawyer continues spanking. “I hope your hand is hurting as much as my bottom is.”  He leaves her, bottom exposed, at the wall. It would have been fun to show that this conference room had glass walls. He returns and  reads to Emma from a complaint list from her husband–adultery, flirting, inattentiveness, etc. “What?…adultery?…with who?” But she doesn’t protest too long. He smacks her bare bottom as they talk. Cindy begins to weaken and promise to reform.

“A couple more minutes to rest before we begin again.”  “What…more?” He moves her to an easy chair. She gets her panties back up. When she kneels up on the chair, the attorney lowers the knickers again. He unzips a bag on the floor–it contains his spanking implements. He begins smacking with a large soft paddle, which covers a lot of skin.  “What are you doing?”  she says and  climbs down. “Forget it!” she moans.

The attorney sits to wait, because he knows sh’ll rethink the consequences. She skulks back. “Over my lap.” Panties down yet again.

Next position. She sits on a vahir cowboy-style and wiggles her bare bottom until it hangs over the edge. He uses a crop in the posture, then more of with Cindy bending over. Next, full-length on a hassock, handspanking and strap. Onto her back, into the diaper position, she has a G-string we didn’t see, for modesty.

“This is the finale…for today.”  “Forever!” she mutters, but the attorney reminds her that this is probably not forever. the finale is the cane, of course. Hands-on-chair, bare bottom, about 25 strokes, then a “final six,” counted out.

“Can I go, sir?”  “Not yet.”   Her thoroughly disciplined bottom is held in a long concluding closeup “Stay in that position for a few minutes.”  Zoom in and out.




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