Out Behind the Shed – NUWEST

21 Mar

M/3f; year: 1998; time: 27 minutes

Ed Lee at nearly his most wicked; he will strap three of his well-known (and well-spanked) models out in the bright sunlight. In this film, we get a detailed look at Lee’s real estate. In the one scene at the shed, in the background, there is the trailer which appeared in the ‘Table Mountain’  series. We’re imagining the tax deduction for his entire property. Martha Stewart did it.

‘Debra’  sits on a bed. Ed comes to the doorway. He is going to give her”100 strokes of the strap, outside. “Take all your clothes off.” We watch, in the voyeur style NW uses, through the doorway, as Debra strips naked. The sunlight into the bedroom interferes with the contrast, so that Debra’s dynamic nudity will not be strking until she walks through the house.

We follow her powerful naked body as she heads through the kitchen and outside “behind ther shed.” She wears only sandals to deal with the gravel. Very sexy and intimidating to watch her walk to her fate. She bends over a ‘trestle,’ which is nothing more than a cheap metal collapsible sawhorse from a home improvement store. Mixtures of shade and sun make this scene awkward, but all eyes are on Debra.

She squeals through a moderate and brief strapping and is then marched back inside hands-on-head.

Fade to new scene, and the film rockets to new heights. Debra, ‘Katie,’  and ‘Amy’ sit on a couch. They slipped off without doing their chores. They can either take a whipping or leave the farm. “You can take the martinet (Lee calls it a “martin-AY”), strap, tawse, paddle, whip or switch. It doesn’t matter to me. You’re going to get 100 strokes on your bare behind, out behind the shed.”

Each girl chooses. Katie: “I’ll take the martin-AY, grandpa.” Debra: “the whip”; Amy: “the strap.”  the girls are sent to the same bedroom. “Get all your clothes off.” We watch all three strip naked, unfortunately again in poor contrast. But when they parade naked through the house and out to the shed, we are rewarded with, for us, one of those special NW moments.

The lacquered barrel has appeared in  place of the sawhorse. Debra is the first to drape herself over it, for the dogwhip. Blond Katie is next, her hair pinned up off her neck. Could she look any more naked? Short-haired brunette Amy takes her turn for the strap. At the end, the three bottoms are at the shed wall, the girls wiping tears.

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