Revenge of the Massage Miscreants – CALSTAR

21 Mar

3F/f; time: 25 minutes

Sequel to Calstar’s ‘Grounded For Caning.’ You can detect from the title here that the writers and producers were challenged about what to do with this film. In the prequel, three massage therapists working for an airline were grounded for unauthorized extra-cirricular services for passengers–the corporate illustration of the Mile High Club. Here, the three girls jump the boss who grounded them and turn the tables.

They had been caned and made to strip to bra and panties. The boss is a skinny blonde. The girls grab her,unzip her uniform and manhandle her over a sort of weightlifter’s press bench, where each of the girls had previously taken a caning to revcover their suspended work certification. “Hold the bitch down.” She is spanked, tickled, pants pulled  down and jammed in her mouth, squirted with body lotion, and paddled, before her caning starts.

The blonde is tied down to the bench, bottom high and ready. One girl makes some preparatory cane taps, while a second girl paddles the bare soles of the blonde’s feet. All three attack her–handspanking, paddles,and cane. She seems excited about it, eliciting some cane sawing between her legs, plus the handle of a paddle. The camera finally finds an angle on her face, panties stuffed in her mouth.

The girls will cane the blonde in turn. First the buxom massage therapist lays on about 10 strokes, the short-haired brunette about 6 or so, and a tawny blonde finishes with her dozen. The girls leave the blonde tied up to the bench, the cane wedged between her buttocks, while they trundle off merrily to the Crown Inn to celebrate their triumph.  Does the janitor come along?


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