More Whipping at Table Mountain – NUWEST

28 Mar

M/4f; time: 35 minutes

Ed Lee brings ladies to the steel gibbet at the construction trailer on his San Marcos property to be whipped, the windswept “Table Mountain.” His first victim is ‘Roxanne,’ a 45 year old accountant for Las Vegas, whose husband, we’re told, has arranged for her to be whipped. She walks onto the gravel, strips naked, and is strung up to the steel frame by Lee. He uses the ‘cat’ on her for a full 9 minute segment, as she dances on the stones.

Next is ‘Rebecca.’ The light was poor for this whipping, a circumstance NU-WEST could never quite avoid. Lee strings the thin brunette up first, then cuts off her dress with his pocket knife, not always sharp in every film. Rebecca wears nothing now but transparent pantyhose, for her session with the ‘cat.’

Third is photogenic popular morsel  actress ‘Katie,’ who Lee identifies in a opening narration as being also known as ‘Rachael.’ Katie is already naked and strung with a spreader bar as Lee contemplates her from the stairway platform to the trailer. Katie looks small, waif-like, and vulnerable, naked in this stark unadorned work yard. Lee whips her back and bottom–stripes and maybe a blood fleck or two. Sweet frontals for Katie, because of the longer-distance camera angles. We’re happy to say Katie gets the most attention in this video.

Last is another NU-WEST  model, ‘Karen,’ a full-bodied, downright big lady, not to be confused with another Karen at NW, a domme. There is a lot to whip here, and Lee puts his back to it.

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