Mrs. Crabtree – CALSTAR

28 Mar

F/2f; time: 32 minutes

Mrs. Crabtree deals with misbehaving female students. ‘Giles,’ long blond hair, in her little jumper, blouse, white socks, high heels, and a bit too much eyelash makeup, is taken OTK by Mrs. Crabtree and spanked hard and firmly, on her blue knickers. This actress knows how to spank. “Stop wriggling.” Down with the knickers; a solid firm bottom is coloring up. Giles has some jewelry in one of those secret places. “What’s this? Not regulation. Get rid of them.”

‘Morgan’ has been cornered, awaiting her turn. She is just as pretty, with a perfect auburn pageboy and similar schoolgirl attire. She is a lot more vocal when her bottom meets the cool air. Crabtree takes off one of Morgan’s shoes and spanks hard with that. Giles encourages Crabtree to spank harder. That has never been a good idea.

Quickly, we move to the cane. Giles is bent over the table and needs no encouragement here to expose her bottom again. Crabtree is rapid-fire with short strokes. About 70 are shown, with repeats from two or three very revealing angles. Giles constantly struggles, squawks, and tries to cover herself, which must have been a challenge to the editor dubbing the repeats, but it is wonderful to watch that wriggling bottom trying to escape the cane. There is a break while Giles removes her jumper, there are another 30-some strokes dubbed. All-in-all, ouch! would summarize it.

Morgan is called to the table and she too offers her bottom with no delay. She gets only about 40. We saw during her handspanking she was taking the same punishment as Giles. Then two bottoms, side-by-side, are displayed for the official CalStar Christmas card entry.

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