Penny’s Paddling – NUWEST

28 Mar

F/f; time: 15 minutes

One of the simplest and hottest NUWEST films we have seen. Model ‘Penelope’ arrives at the NUWEST studio, returning in submission for having done something to potentially lose her job here. Lee greets her from behind the reception desk, surprising her with a video camera.  “You know why you are here…you want to come back to NUWEST.” Model ‘Joanne Jameson’ is observing and maybe wetting her pants in pleasure. Joanne  is going to paddle her, 30 times, 10 each for three offenses. “You’ve never taken the paddle. It’s going to hurt… very hard.”

As we have seen in other films, Joanne and Penny file back through the work spaces of the studio to one of the sets, Lee trailing and filming. Penny wears a conventional conservative dress and a shoulder bag. Lee is surprised at how sanguine Penny is acting. “Penny is being so great here…as if she has a Sears catalogue under her dress.” Joanne actually glances at her dress to check.

While Joanne and Penny wait, Lee moves around the set, positioning the cameras. Joanne show Penny how to bend over at the waist. Joanne will use a large fraternity paddle. The first 10 will be on Penny’s dress. She is shocked at the first stroke, as if in fact she has never been paddled before,  and after two strokes she has to walk around the set to recover. It takes a while to get through these first 10 strokes.

After this first session, Penny has to leave to go to the bathroom. When she returns, this time she hikes up her skirt, to display white panties, garter belt, and stockings. The same slow paddling process, filmed  from the ceiling, her face, and Joanne’s face. At the conclusion of this second set, Lee steps on-screen and pulls down her panties. A collective “Ooh”  when they see her bruises. Lee mutters that Joanne had better be careful, but if she was cautious  later, we didn’t detect it.

After another break, and with reluctance and resignation, Penny pulls down her panties and resumes position. The final 10 strokes are caught full-rear, oblique, and facial. Penny needs a rather long break at 5. At the conclusion, Joanne is rather proud of the result. “Yep. looking really rosy.”  This was a realistic paddling, we thought, on a par with some spankings Kyrie Kelly took from First Sergeant Lee.

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