Alexa’s Physical Exam – STONEFOX

29 Mar

M/f; time: 61 minutes

An enema film; Stonefox made some anal-oriented, medical sex-fetish movies. We sampled just this one. The cinematography has an amateur, voyeuristic feel which conveys the impression you have looked in on a young lady’s personal and private tribulations.

Blond ‘Alexa Fredericks’ wakes, gets out of bed, and takes a shower. The camera is in the bathroom with her, but the shower curtain is pulled! She dresses carefully–she has a doctor’s appointment today.

Dissolve to the doctor’s waiting room. Alexa sits demurely. ‘Dr. Fish’  comes out to greet her. He wears a surgical gown, mask, and cap, so that he is unrecognizable, and not a little comical. (You’d dress like this too if you made one of these films. No one would know you unless you opened your mouth at Starbucks.)

Fish tries to seem severe. “You’re a little late.” When she sits on the examining table, Fish reminds Alexa that she also missed an appointment last week. She was chicken, she admits. This is not a good start with someone who is going to be sticking something up your ass in a few minutes. She has had “abdominal pains” and will be getting “a couple of enemas.” But she didn’t clean herself out in preparation. “I did that last week.” “That isn’t going to do us any good, is it?”

After some brief probing by Fish, she is sent to undress behind a screen. “Take everything off.” We can watch from the side, although in poor light. “I hate these.” Alexa says of the hospital gown which is letting her bottom peek at us. She is cute and nervous as she awaits the inevitable. Stethoscope, blood pressure, ears, but then, “On your stomach.”

She has never had her temperature taken rectally. “It is a little embarrassing, isn’t it?” “Slightly.” Urine sample in the bathroom; back on the table, legs in stirrups for a vaginal exam.

Fish rolls the enema bag trolley into position.  Alexa lies on her side, Fish lubes a gloved finger and prepares her anus. Slow insertion of the enema tube. Alexa rolls onto her stomach, mostly, we figure, to accent the swell of her glorious buttocks.

After Alexa makes her first trip to the bathroom she hears: “One is not going to be enough.” During the second enema, Alexa gets a little augmentative. Not a good thing, so Fish fills her to the max and has to walk her with the trolley to the bathroom. She is not happy about his joining her.

As Alexa dresses to leave, the doctor scolds her for her behavior. “There are other ways to solve these problems. You’re going to be spanked.” OTK. Alexa has to remove her clothes again, from the waist down. After an average spanking (not the forte of this company), she is left bare-bottomed in the corner, which probably doesn’t attract much attenstion in this office.


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