Marigold Academy – CALSTAR

29 Mar

MF/2f; year: 1986; time: 24 minutes

Early ‘Imprint’ production; ‘Miss Bottomley,’ a blond strong-looking gym teacher-type, has sent two girls, ‘Kari’  and ‘Jane,’ to Headmaster Marigold, but they have slipped off, out onto the campus. Bottomley catches them smoking on the school grounds. The spanking offenses are piling up, we are happy to observe.

Stocky brunette Kari blames big blond Jane (actress ‘Jay Sweet’),and vice versa. On top of everything else, no one likes a rat. The headmaster detects that Jane is not wearing a bra and has nail polish on–two more violations. Both girls are ordered to undress. Jackets and ‘vests’ are handed over–it’s true, no bra’s! Jane is taken OTK first, pants pulled down for a silly handspanking. Too much of the “Sir, please.” Over the desk, Jane spreads her legs for balance, knowing what she is showing us. Diaper position on the desk. “Oh, sir, you can’t do this to me.”

Under this pressure, Jane admits she was the instigator of the shenanigans. Kari is next and takes her shorts off. Bottomley holds her still for a handspanking. A rapid-fire moderate caning follows, very quick red marks come up on a pale white bottom. Bottomley gets to finish her off. Kari’s bottom shows color very quickly. This may be one of those very tender, markable bottoms, a nice circumstance for the director. The girls are finished and sent off in states of undress.

What’s this? Bottomley isn’t wearing a bra either. The screen goes black as Marigold pulls her over his lap.

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