Punishment Files 2 – MOONGLOW

29 Mar

time: 1 hour, 19 minutes

More than 15 short episodes, featuring some of the girls from Moonglow, who we can identify from the ‘Watch the Girls’ section of the MG website, and filmed in some of the familiar MG sets. We’ll mention the highlights, our interpretation of them.

‘Aleesha,’ sophisticated brunette, is spanked and caned in several episodes, in one for having been caught at the cinema watching ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ She thought it would be “educational.” She is especially entertaining, enchanting, bent over, because of the gap between her thighs. In another, she is the “French maid” set upon by a pervy master.

Moonglow’s late John Kirwood appears in a few of the segments, and his conversations with the actresses suggest these short scenes were informal throwaways. “Stacey” or “Mary Snow” entertains him with her big boobs as she wrestles in just panties on his lap. “Think of Wales,” he tells her as he canes.

‘Amber’ is spanked by an older couple who appeared occasionally throughout the KANE-George Harrison Marks era, suggesting from how deep into the vaults this film tapped.

A maid gets spanked on a platform in a cellar-like room for having short-sheeted her master’s bed the night he brought home a girlfriend. The stunt is referred to as an “apple pie bed.”

In many of the segments, the spanker, spankee, are faceless. Were there some amateurs in this film?

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