Pupil Power – CALSTAR

29 Mar

2F/2f; year: 2009; time: 53 minutes

Schoolgirls, with some more explicit action. ‘Wilson,’ a thin brunette, in detailed full schoolgirl kit of blouse, tie, pleated skirt, and knee socks, can’t even plug in a flat screen TV to show a sex education film. A female teacher enters, becomes angry and takes her OTK. Wilson expects this and takes a long handspanking on her white knickers.

Panties down; the teacher is an American, older than Wilson. Over the back of a straight chair, panties at knees, bottom high, legs locked straight, for the oval paddle, with a lot of silly babbling dialogue. This teacher is a disguised dominatrix. “Go get me the harder paddle.” “Oh no, miss.” During this paddling, Wilson tells the teacher about lesbian rumors she has heard about her. Rather sensitive stuff when your bottom is bare up in the wind like hers is.

The teacher shifts to the cane as part of Wilson’s “sex education.” A long, fast, rhythmic session of 80 stokes on film, many repeats are shown, lots of pleasing angles. To conclude, Wilson is led to a covered low table to lie on her back, open her legs, for next more “sex education” from teacher.

Enterprising Wilson suggests she spank the teacher now, give her a “good spanking.” The teacher agrees, “If you’ll enjoy it and keep your mouth shut.” Wilson is proud of herself. “Oh, the tables have turned.” The teacher is turned OTK and Wilson gleefully spanks away on her dark suit skirt.

On her feet, skirt off, back over, Wilson admires her skimpy black panties, before: “All the way, down they go!” She plays the teacher and spanks hard. “I learned from a pro, didn’t I, miss?”

“Time we tried your paddle,” the soft oval, over the chair in the classic position. Wilson is having fun, teacher is not far behind. Next, a stiff leather paddle, “This one is really stingy.”

And lastly the cane, 30 strokes with repeats, slower, she cries out, and from glimpses between her legs, she is excited. Wilson checks the results with teacher-like pride, then leaves to allow teacher to dress in silence.

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