A Sound Thrashing – CALSTAR

31 Mar

F/f; year: 2007; time: 29 minutes

Lesbian spankings; two very attractive girls, ‘Davis,’  the Headgirl, a tall thin pigtailed brunette decked out in innocent schoolgirl attire; and ‘Fox,’ a short-haired blonde, a tad more traveled, but definitely peaking our interest. We are going to benefit here, no matter who spanks who.

The Headgirl is ripping mad about something, so underclassman Fox (actress ‘Katie Fox’) is going to get spanked. She is not so willing–it is not completely within the rules. “If you don’t let me do it, you’ll get in a lot of trouble.” Fox weighs her alternatives, then: “I haven’t got much choice.” When she goes OTK, the Headgirl gives us a smirk, suggesting there is more going on here than meets the eye.

The spanking, on a sectional couch  in  a one-room scene, is slow and silly, except for Davis’ (actress ‘Page Ashley’) interest in Davis’ bottom. Panties down: “Oh, my poor bottom.” Bent over a counter for the oval padded paddle, a perfect close-up of a shapely, high, and elegant bottom, with just enough space between her thighs for the complete view. We can’t resist another cheer for the continuous supply of British bottoms. “This is harder than Mrs. Brady spanks.” The cunning brunette David keeps it up–Fox has developed redness and welts and begins to look for relief.

Fox mentions “rumors”  she hears–“People say you like girls.” “We’ll talk about those rumors, but right now we’ll get on with this spanking.” The next paddle is the floppy teardrop-shape, and it always hurts more. “You’ll see what I’m into after I’ve given you the cane.” Davis has a deliciously rough edge and finds Fox slutty around school. “Get those tits out. I  want to see what the boys like so much.” Fox takes off her blouse and bra and Davis fondles her impressive breasts in a most skillful manner. “Take off that skirt.” Now Fox is naked and quite comfortable about it. She bends over for a full display.

The cane is next, about a dozen full-screen; one camera angle permits a view of her wincing face as she watches the cane strike. The Headgirl fondles her, they kiss passionately, and the new action begins. Davis sits and Fox kneels, pulls aside her thong, and provides authentic oral sex with some close-up and the customary sounds and gasps of pleasure. The girls switch and Fox receives her share. Fox takes off Davis’ skirt and thong and fondles her bottom, just as trim and cute as the rest of her. She doesn’t get spanked today, but it would have been nice.

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