Just Another Day at St. Stripes part 3 – REDSTRIPE

31 Mar

2F/6f; year: 2000; time: 35 minutes

Redoubtable ‘Miss Brown’  on the scene in this episode; after the sepia tone summary, the scene opens in RedStripe’s quintessential classroom. Three schoolgirls are splayed bare-bottom over desks, having already been spanked in the earlier videos. Natalie and Susan await adjudication; Miss Brown looms menacingly, as only she can do. First though, Miss Brown finishes up a fourth girl, whose bottom is already well-marked, with a brief handspanking. Now there are four red bottoms to view.

Pretty auburn-haired Natalie has been sitting with Susan, the other four red bottoms displayed in front of them. Miss Brown calls her forward. The girls have been trading and selling homework in some way. Miss Brown takes her OTK in her imperious style, making sure her bottom is correctly positioned for the camera; the plaited skirt up, hard handspanking on well-fit white knickers. then they come down to display a voluptuous bottom. Natalie stands to remove her panties completely, hands them to Miss Brown, who tosses them aside with contempt, then back OTK, “legs apart….more,” something Miss Brown is very exacting about. She is sent to her desk to be the fifth moon in the room.

Brunette Susan goes the same route, in her blue regulation knickers. This position is elegantly perfect to keep the buttocks in natural shape, provide full-screen close-ups, and ample angles from the sides and below. Miss Brown whales with full swings with a heavy tawse. In most of her performances, she can be relied on to be severe but not cruel;  she tends not to use any of the moderating stroke-making we occasionally see. She picks up the cane–almost 30 strokes, the last six rapid-fire. Susan has to count aloud and something goes awry, which never favors the spankee. The strokes are fast, full-swing, crackling, and convincing. Susan is brave.

Natalie is next and must have no illusions. Her muscular bare bottom is tawsed over a chair, followed by 24 impressions by the cane.  “One, Miss…two. Miss…” Miss Brown is borderline wicked in her ferocious attack on the young female hindquarters. To  conclude with her, another female teacher steps up and adds a dozen or so full-powered tawse strokes.

At the conclusion, in a Broadway curtain call, all six bare bottoms parade for a bend-over for the staff spankers in the room, who are rightfully proud of their artwork. A male voice is heard on the set.

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