The Academy – CALSTAR

31 Mar

MF/3f; 29 minutes

Two girls in just towels in a bathroom, always a good start! They are smoking pot–they blew a “match” today, a sporting event. An instructor finds them;  the girls are giddy and giggling. “You both need a jolly good paddling.”

The female instructor takes the towels from the girls–they are now naked. She zings them with a towel, but the hilarity continues. Nude closeups, full pubic bushes.

The girls are moved to a squash court in the gym. They have managed to get some clothes on, little gym outfits. The instructor starts them through some PT exercises. The Headmaster, ‘Miller,’  appears quietly in the spectator section in a mezzanine gallery behind the court. It is regular spanking actor from the grand days of Roue and CalStar.

The instructor makes blond ‘Lavinia’ bend over for a silly slippering on her gym shorts. Then she does some PT exercises. The instructor positions a bench for brunette ‘Kathy,’ who removes her warm-up pants and kneels on the bench, head to the floor, white panties high. Handspanking. Some of this action is shot from Miller’s voyeur perch.

Miller comes down onto the court, pretending not to have seen. “Miss Grappel, what the hell is going on?” Miller will take over, complaining about the girls’ diet, attitude, smoking, laying the ground work he needs. He shows them a crop he has brought and makes them tell him it is used for smacking bottoms.

Lavinia will be cropped first, hands on the bench. She takes her shorts down. “Arch your back,” and he wants her bent forward resting on her elbows. Before he begins the cropping, he adjusts the edge of her top off her lower back, for no reason other than to show he is in charge. But, “A few strikes with my hand, then I’ll see you in my study.”

Kathy next, warm-up jacket off, no bra. Over the bench, just bikini panties. Very nice. He pulls them down, gives her a few smacks, then it is off to study for her also.

“Miss Grappel, it’s your turn now….I am in charge of this academy.” Grappel will take her spanking, as long as it is not in front of the girls. He begins with the crop on her skirt, which he raises, exposing decorative panties. “Fancy underwear!”

She counts out “six of the best.” She is sent to the wall, to stand in the ‘frisk’ position. “Stick your bottom right out.” He pulls her panties down for two more strokes. She seems to have more marks than from this session.


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