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Peeping Tom at St. Luke’s – CALSTAR

28 Mar

F/f; year: 2008; time: 31 minutes

Girls spy on girls and get spanked for it; ‘Meadows,’ a schoolgirl in detailed parochial garb, spies through a keyhole at her school. Two naked girls, on the school staff, are humping away, one getting the full measure in the squishy stages of a strap-on dildo from the other, although the details are implied. Meadows is fascinated, and is caught by a blond domme Vice Principal who looks like she could really pack a wallop. Meadows is sent to the school office to be dealt with, while the Vice Principal takes her place at the keyhole and seems more than curious about what she sees.

Meadows has been a peeping tom before. She is a small, demure, ponytailed brunette, young enough to play the student, and wears a simple school jumper. The blond domme is spilling out of her unbuttoned blouse, her mature body straining for release. Meadows is to be spanked of course, OTK, a steady moderate handspanking on her regulation knickers. There is complicated repartee between the two, difficult to hear, but the gist would be that what Meadows saw was not uncommon.

“These will have to come down now.” Meadows squawks as her bottom is bared. The Vice Principal is definitely enjoying herself. Over the desk for the leather oval paddle–Meadows argues loudly as to the appropriateness and has pulled her pants back up. Down they come. This whining makes it all the more exciting. “Please, not so hard, Miss.” Good low camera angles of her perfect round bottom and more. Lots of grabbing and rubbing.

The floppy leather stinging paddle is next, with the usual result. “We’re getting a nice red rosy color.”  Marginally too many “Ooh, Miss” declarations, but Meadows’ unhappy face convinced us she didn’t like the paddle. “Let’s see how red I can get you.”

More with the oval paddle. “The more your complain the more I’m going to do it.” Meadows suggests this teacher has a ‘special’ relationship with some of the other teachers. That earns her the cane. “Oh, no, Miss.”

Meadows is bent over the desk for 26 strokes, excellently done, filmed from other angles, increasing in severity, some repeats. Entertaining. There will be “serious consequences if you mention this to anyone.”

Private Sessions with Joanne Jameson – NUWEST

28 Mar

#3   F/m; time: 22 minutes

Founder Ed Lee gets a long and thorough workout from ‘Joanne Jameson,’  surely one his best spankers over the years. The film opens with a pop–Lee kneels stark naked in front of a straight chair centered in the room.

Young, blond Joanne circles in the room, scolding him. She sits in the chair, he climbs aboard, and she begins spanking with a gloved right hand. The scenes will be filmed from an overhead camera, front, and oblique angles.

Lee bends over the back of the chair for a strapping–Joanne keeps walking and scolding. Time for Joanne to begin undressing herself–first she takes off her skirt and continues spanking. More OTK, more back-of-the-chair, some corner time. Joanne is spanking harder.

Next,she removes her blouse and is down to bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. The spankings continue.

Joanne walks off-set for some reason, removes her bra, then reappears and slips down her white silk panties. Full bush.

After a cut, Lee is now wearing a thigh length girdle, and he takes an almost vicious caning from Joanne, bleeding from the same spots on his butt that he always does.

At the conclusion, Lee kneels to kiss Joanne’s feet, she turns and he kisses her buttocks, but he must nip a bite at her, because she yelps and leaps forward.


#4 F/m; time: 28 minutes

Actress ‘Joanne Jameson’ confronts a young and trim Ed Lee in her domme outfit of short dress, thigh boots, and garters, as she walks into the studio. “Your session starts now!” “God damn,” mutters Lee. After winding through the studio work space, we come onto a set. “Get these cameras on.”  “Yes, ma’am.”

Cut to the spanking already in progress. Lee is naked, over Joanne’s lap, on a large square chair with an open-back frame, an addition to the studio equipment which facilitates full visibility of both;participants from all angles.

Joanne spanks Lee for a full 10 minutes in this posture, the camera circling occasionally. Finally, he slides off and kneels. Back OTK for the hairbrush, which Joanne always used as  proficiently  as anyone in the genre.

Lee bends over the square frame back of the chair for a large tawse. Full, loud cracks from Joanne. On his feet, palm slaps from the tawse.

Then the caning scene, a repetition of the procedure from #3 in this series. Lee  wears the thigh-length girdle, which soon shows blood spots from Joanne’s ferocious cane strokes. Even blood lines. Probably not completely authentic.


Mrs. Crabtree – CALSTAR

28 Mar

F/2f; time: 32 minutes

Mrs. Crabtree deals with misbehaving female students. ‘Giles,’ long blond hair, in her little jumper, blouse, white socks, high heels, and a bit too much eyelash makeup, is taken OTK by Mrs. Crabtree and spanked hard and firmly, on her blue knickers. This actress knows how to spank. “Stop wriggling.” Down with the knickers; a solid firm bottom is coloring up. Giles has some jewelry in one of those secret places. “What’s this? Not regulation. Get rid of them.”

‘Morgan’ has been cornered, awaiting her turn. She is just as pretty, with a perfect auburn pageboy and similar schoolgirl attire. She is a lot more vocal when her bottom meets the cool air. Crabtree takes off one of Morgan’s shoes and spanks hard with that. Giles encourages Crabtree to spank harder. That has never been a good idea.

Quickly, we move to the cane. Giles is bent over the table and needs no encouragement here to expose her bottom again. Crabtree is rapid-fire with short strokes. About 70 are shown, with repeats from two or three very revealing angles. Giles constantly struggles, squawks, and tries to cover herself, which must have been a challenge to the editor dubbing the repeats, but it is wonderful to watch that wriggling bottom trying to escape the cane. There is a break while Giles removes her jumper, there are another 30-some strokes dubbed. All-in-all, ouch! would summarize it.

Morgan is called to the table and she too offers her bottom with no delay. She gets only about 40. We saw during her handspanking she was taking the same punishment as Giles. Then two bottoms, side-by-side, are displayed for the official CalStar Christmas card entry.

Penny’s Paddling – NUWEST

28 Mar

F/f; time: 15 minutes

One of the simplest and hottest NUWEST films we have seen. Model ‘Penelope’ arrives at the NUWEST studio, returning in submission for having done something to potentially lose her job here. Lee greets her from behind the reception desk, surprising her with a video camera.  “You know why you are here…you want to come back to NUWEST.” Model ‘Joanne Jameson’ is observing and maybe wetting her pants in pleasure. Joanne  is going to paddle her, 30 times, 10 each for three offenses. “You’ve never taken the paddle. It’s going to hurt.”

As we have seen in other films, Joanne and Penny file back through the work spaces of the studio to one of the sets, Lee trailing and filming. Penny wears a conventional conservative dress and a shoulder bag. Lee is surprised at how sanguine Penny is acting. “Penny is being so great here…as if she has a Sears catalogue under her dress.” Joanne actually glances at her dress to check.

While Joanne and Penny wait, Lee moves around the set, positioning the cameras. Joanne show Penny how to bend over at the waist. Joanne will use a large fraternity paddle. The first 10 will be on Penny’s dress. She is shocked at the first stroke, as if in fact she has never been paddled before,  and after two strokes she has to walk around the set to recover. It takes a while to get through these first 10 strokes.

After this first session, Penny has to leave to go to the bathroom. When she returns, this time she hikes up her skirt, to display white panties, garter belt, and stockings. The same slow paddling process, filmed  from the ceiling, her face, and Joanne’s face. At the conclusion of this second set, Lee steps on-screen and pulls down her panties. A collective “Ooh”  when they see her bruises. Lee mutters that Joanne had better be careful, but if she was cautious  later, we didn’t detect it.

After another break, and with reluctance and resignation, Penny pulls down her panties and resumes position. The final 10 strokes are caught full-rear, oblique, and facial. Penny needs a rather long break at 5. At the conclusion, Joanne is rather proud of the result. “Yep. looking really rosy.”  This was a realistic paddling, we thought, on a par with some spankings Kyrie Kelly took from First Sergeant Lee.





More Whipping at Table Mountain – NUWEST

28 Mar

M/4f; time: 35 minutes

Ed Lee brings ladies to the steel gibbet at the construction trailer on his San Marcos property to be whipped, the windswept “Table Mountain.” His first victim is ‘Roxanne,’ a 45 year old accountant for Las Vegas, whose husband, we’re told, has arranged for her to be whipped. She walks onto the gravel, strips naked, and is strung up to the steel frame by Lee. He uses the ‘cat’ on her for a full 9 minute segment, as she dances on the stones.

Next is ‘Rebecca.’ The light was poor for this whipping, a circumstance NuWest could never quite avoid. Lee strings the thin brunette up first, then cuts off her dress with his pocket knife, not always sharp in every film. Rebecca wears nothing now transparent pantyhose, for her session with the ‘cat.’

Third is NuWest actress ‘Katie,’ who Lee identifies in a opening narration as being also known as ‘Rachael.’ Katie is already naked and strung with a spreader bar as Lee contemplates her from the stairway platform to the trailer. Katie looks small, waif-like, and vulnerable, naked in this stark unadorned work yard. Lee whips her back and bottom–stripes and maybe a blood fleck or two. Sweet frontals for Katie, because of the longer-distance camera angles.

Last is another NuWest model, ‘Karen,’ a full-bodied, downright big lady, not to be confused with another Karen at NuWest, a domme. There is a lot to whip here, and Lee put his back to it.

Out Behind the Shed – NUWEST

21 Mar

M/3f; year: 1998; time: 27 minutes

Ed Lee at nearly his most wicked; he will strap three of his well-known (and well-spanked) models out in the bright sunlight. In this film, we get a detailed look at Lee’s real estate. In the one scene at the shed, in the background, there is the trailer which appeared in the ‘Table Mountain’  series. We’re imagining the tax deduction for his entire property. Martha Stewart did it.

‘Debra’  sits on a bed. Ed comes to the doorway. He is going to give her”100 strokes of the strap, outside. Take all your clothes off.” We watch, in the voyeur style NW uses, through the doorway, as Debra strips naked. The sunlight into the bedroom interferes with the contrast, so that Debra’s dynamic nudity will not be strking until she walks through the house.

We follow her powerful naked body as she heads through the kitchen and outside “behind ther shed.” She wears only sandals to deal with the gravel. Very sexy and intimidating to watch her walk to her fate. She bends over a ‘trestle,’ which is nothing more than a cheap metal collapsible sawhorse from a home improvement store. Mixtures of shade and sun make this scene awkward, but all eyes are on Debra.

She squeals through a moderate and brief strapping and is then marched back inside hands-on-head.

Fade to new scene, and the film rockets to new heights. Debra, ‘Katie,’  and ‘Amy’ sit on a couch. They slipped off without doing their chores. They can either take a whipping or leave the farm. “You can take the martinet (Lee calls it a “martin-AY”), strap, tawse, paddle, whip or switch. It doesn’t matter to me. You’re going to get 100 strokes on your bare behind, out behind the shed.”

Each girl chooses. Katie: “I’ll take the martin-AY, grandpa.” Debra: “the whip”; Amy: “the strap.”  the girls are sent to the same bedroom. “Get all your clothes off.” We watch all three strip naked, unfortunately again in poor contrast. But when they parade naked through the house and out to the shed, we are rewarded with, for us, one of those special NW moments.

The lacquered barrel has appearedin place of the sawhorse. Debra is the first to drape herself over it, for the dogwhip. Blond Katie is next, her hair pinned up off her neck. Could she look any more naked? Short-haired brunette Amy takes her turn for the strap. At the end, the three bottoms are at the shed wall, the girls wiping tears.


Divorce Or Discipline – STRICTLYENGLISH

21 Mar

M/f; time: 55 minutes

Actress  ‘Emma Brown’ in another cunning role; we have seen a number of films where a spanking  is proposed as a solution for a legal dispute. Here, blonde actress Emma Brown  plays ‘Cindy,’ whose husband signed a divorce petition and has authorized his attorney to offer a comprehensive spanking instead.

The attorney is a British regular at StrictlyEnglish. He explains Cindy’s alternatives, then gives her a few moments to decide, providing plenty of closeup on Ms. Brown’s pretty face. She is wearing a low-cut flower-print dress, which exposes her suntan line and some still-pale cleavage, reinforcing the image that she is a naughty lady in need of correction.

Cindy accepts the “extraordinary measures punishment,” which the solicitor explains is “corporal punishment….it is a demonstration….on your bare bottom.” “…what?… Emma feigns incredulity. Not likely, wearing such a low cut dress. She capitulates. “I guess, Iguess…you can just show me what this is all about.”

The attorney sets up an OTK position, takes her over his lap, raises her summery dress to expose black polka dot panties. He begins spanking on the cloth. Her cheeks become red around the edges. At about the 8-minute mark he takes down her panties, and her bare bottom will be on the screen for the remaining 45 minutes, except for a few moments when she pulls her knickers back up, hoping she is finished. Plenty of face-time for that love-tattoo on her left buttock. Whatever boyfriend got Emma to do that probably never dreamed on this attention.  “OK, OK”  she gasps in protest, but “This is only the beginning.”

The lawyer continues spanking. “I hope your hand is hurting as much as my bottom is.”  He leaves her, bottom exposed, at the wall. It would have been fun to show that this conference room had glass walls. He returns and  reads to Emma from a complaint list from her husband–adultery, flirting, inattentiveness, etc. “What?…adultery?…with who?” But she doesn’t protest too long. He smacks her bare bottom as they talk. Cindy begins to weaken and promise to reform.

“A couple more minutes to rest before we begin again.”  “What…more?” He moves her to an easy chair. She gets her panties back up. When she kneels up on the chair, the attorney lowers the knickers again. He unzips a bag on the floor–it contains his spanking implements. He begins smacking with a large soft paddle, which covers a lot of skin.  “What are you doing?”  she says and  climbs down. “Forget it!” she moans.

The attorney sits to wait, because he knows sh’ll rethink the consequences. She skulks back. “Over my lap.” Panties down yet again.

Next position. She sits on a vahir cowboy-style and wiggles her bare bottom until it hangs over the edge. He uses a crop in the posture, then more of with Cindy bending over. Next, full-length on a hassock, handspanking and strap. Onto her back, into the diaper position, she has a G-string we didn’t see, for modesty.

“This is the finale…for today.”  “Forever!” she mutters, but the attorney reminds her that this is probably not forever. the finale is the cane, of course. Hands-on-chair, bare bottom, about 25 strokes, then a “final six,” counted out.

“Can I go, sir?”  “Not yet.”   Her thoroughly disciplined bottom is held in a long concluding closeup “Stay in that position for a few minutes.”  Zoom in and out.




Revenge of the Massage Miscreants – CALSTAR

21 Mar

3F/f; time: 25 minutes

Sequel to Calstar’s ‘Grounded For Caning.’ You can detect from the title here that the writers and producers were challenged about what to do with this film. In the prequel, three massage therapists working for an airline were grounded for unauthorized extra-cirricular services for passengers–the corporate illustration of the Mile High Club. Here, the three girls jump the boss who grounded them and turn the tables.

They had been caned and made to strip to bra and panties. The boss is a skinny blonde. The girls grab her,unzip her uniform and manhandle her over a sort of weightlifter’s press bench, where each of the girls had previously taken a caning to revcover their suspended work certification. “Hold the bitch down.” She is spanked, tickled, pants pulled  down and jammed in her mouth, squirted with body lotion, and paddled, before her caning starts.

The blonde is tied down to the bench, bottom high and ready. One girl makes some preparatory cane taps, while a second girl paddles the bare soles of the blonde’s feet. All three attack her–handspanking, paddles,and cane. She seems excited about it, eliciting some cane sawing between her legs, plus the handle of a paddle. The camera finally finds an angle on her face, panties stuffed in her mouth.

The girls will cane the blonde in turn. First the buxom massage therapist lays on about 10 strokes, the short-haired brunette about 6 or so, and a tawny blonde finishes with her dozen. The girls leave the blonde tied up to the bench, the cane wedged between her buttocks, while they trundle off merrily to the Crown Inn to celebrate their triumph.  Does the janitor come along?


No Appeals Procedure – CALSTAR

21 Mar

M/3f; time: 44 minutes

Discipline your employees with a cane! Mischievous actor ‘Michael Dawes’  at it again, one of the most accurate and dispassionate caners on the British CP scene in this 80’s-90’s era, plays ‘Mr. Thompson,’  manager of a country inn, with apparently unfettered access to the bottoms of his female employees. Three young ladies have offended him, and they will get the appropriate desserts in separate scenes.

‘Lesley’ is a buxom, downright chunky brunette. She has been muffing hotel reservations big-time. She is to be caned, right here and now in the solarium of the Inn, one of the more creative of CalStar sets, which we have seen before. “You’re going to take a caning right now, no appeals procedure.” She assumes the position, skirt up, right to it! No warmup. 12 hard strokes–she screeches on the first stroke. Good facial shots. Lots of “Yes, Mr. Thompson’s.” She rolls down a thong over large pale buttocks. We see how she got the part. Thompson always works his girl to nudity–Lesley takes off her jacket and blouse for “a few more decorations,” 7 zinging strokes. Noticable welts and tramlines and tears. Powerful stuff.

Thompson meets ‘Judy’ in the reception hall. She is another chunky brunette. He is heard she is providing “extra services” to the guest. Hey, maybe these contry inns are more fun than we thought–favors from the female help and an occasional spanking to watch in the parlors. She is told: “You’re to be caned. No appeal!” Over she goes, skirt up, white panties. Good thing no guests are passing through Reception in the next 10 minutes. 7 solid strokes, then panties down; then about 15 strokes more. Judy is gasping, grasping, and whimpering. Thompson is demonic as he bears down. Lovely cuts and tramlines. Looks authentic to us and comparable to unhappy bottoms in some of the European productions. Pro forma undressing–off with the skirt and blouse for the “last volley,”  then the “last six,” which are memorable. The cunning Thompson climbs on a chair so he can slash each buttock vertically.

And last, the “vegetable girl” is summoned to the library for some failures in the kitchen. We assume she has already heard the sound of bamboo in the halls. Over the table, she takes a fast 12 and makes not so much as a peep. “I can’t get a murmur out of you.” Thompson lays on another 15 (there must be some repeats here). He is a little put off by her self-control. (Surely the director told her that if she could keep her mouth shut, repeats could be used). We’ve seen him rattled before when his pretty bare victim can hold her tongue. “I’ve met my match with you.” This is one of the hardest canings we have seen on CalStar, and closest to the to the then not-yet-created Rigid East. High praise.

CP Castings #2 – CALSTAR

20 Mar

2M/3f; year: 2008;  time: 53 minutes

Continuation of the story line of CalStar’s ‘CP Castings,’ except at this later date the graphics and the cinematography have improved, and the demonic actor ‘Michael Dawes’  is more overtly sexual. Girls are auditioned at an adult film studio. “George” (Dawes) is a voice behind the camera, like a NuWest or internet production.

In the first audition, two comely American girls, ‘Elisia’ and ‘Maria,’ (one is Leia Ann Woods) will perform for him and themselves. Both are tall, self-aware of their sex, and ready for action. They sit on the white sectional couch which dates to at least 10 years of CalStar films. At George’s urging, they strip, fondle, go down on eash other. We found the cunnilingus authentic and unexpectedly arousing. The girls’ orgasms seemd more real than many melodramatic porn films.

It seems the “Spanking Dept” for this studio is downstairs. The girls want to try some CP, so George goes downstairs for the “spanking equipment” while the girls suck away at each other, camera rolling. The naked girls paddle each other, then George encourages them to try the “swishy cane.” George himslef canes Maria doubled over the couch, then Elisia gets her dose. After a bare bottom comparison, the girls are sent downstaris for contracts. They can do it all.

In the second audition, Geoge meets a couple, “Kelly’ and ‘James’ (the actor ‘Earl Gray’ of extensive FIRMHAND parts in about this time),   in from Birmingham. When George asks them both to undress so he can examine the goods, it develops that Kelly forgot to bring James’  naughty clothes. He is angry, because this is a frequent happening. “I told you what was going to happen,”  and the spanking begins, as if he intended this. Jeans down, red panties, very cute, please continue.

Panties down, a charming little bottom, she laughs, suggesting James set her up for this to happen. Shw begins bruising, just on handspanks. George is entranced, gets his paddles and canes and shows his face for the first time. Kelly is encouraged that spanking might be added to her resune here at the adult studio. She becomes excited as the spanking and paddling proceed. George urges James on, suggesting a switch to the cane. “At least a dozen, I think.”

James does the work. Kelly breathes hard and is cursing him under her breath. A very careful closup at the conclusion of about 12 strokes—heavy marks, quite a day for her. Kelly is getting hired, but she won’t work for a while after this caning.  And then George (Dawes)  sums up his whole acting career in one sentence: “I’m just feeling the ridges. That’s the part I  like.”