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Gloria/Figure Model – SHADOWLANE

30 Apr

M/f; M/f; year: 1993; time: 45 minutes

Two short films from Shadowlane, featuring some well-known CP stars.

GLORIA: A startingly cute and sexy blonde has been fired from her strip club job where she danced, for fraternizing with the customers. This is some dolly; you can’t blame a guy for trying. She is returning a schoolgirl costume to the club owner’s house. How is this for a plot table-setter? She pleads to be rehired, with the obvious solution at hand.

So he’ll give her a spanking to see if in fact there is enough punishment for her rules violation. She goes OTK and up comes the skirt. There is one of those dancer’s bottoms–hard, high, compact, muscular, in tight red panties and a garter belt. He pulls the panties down. The spanking itself is unremarkable, except for the pleasure of watching this blonde bottoms-up, putting up a gentle struggle. Perfect lighting, sound, and camera angles. We’ve all read Shadowlane was populated by professionals who appreciated the nuances of spanking.

Well, since she brought the uniform back, let’s put it on. The boss gets a hairbrush. Back OTK in a sweet plaid pinafore–this would be great on the runway at the club. She’s got on white panties now and jumps noticeably at the first smack of the brush. Not the same as the palm. He spanks with his hand and the brush–we’re guessing the actress communicated the brush was a bit much. The interplay is great. :Oh, I’ll be good..I’m sorry…” etc. Now that she has surrendered, it seems appropriate that she take all her clothes off. Nice.

Back OTK, and nude now, except for panties in the official Shadowlane position–at the thighs. SL knows panties and that this depiction is better than total nudity during a spanking. She is a lovely pinking wiggling mass. More hairbrush–and hard, producing those circular bruises. She is then cornered–naked.

FIGURE MODEL: Chelsea Pfeiffer herself plays a feisty model, who arrives late for a figure posing assignment, and feigns surprise that the job require nudity. She resists, delays, and annoys the artist, actor ‘Vincent Calabrese.’ Chelsea finally undresses but tries to cover up, until Vincent pulls her OTK sans towel to clarify the rules of the job and a little of what we came to see, since she’s in the position to do it.

There follows a lengthy sweet handspanking. Chelsea kicks and squirms with exquisite awareness of just what charms we’re watching. Vincent announces she’s to get “50 of the best,” crisp, on target.

Handspanks in sets of 10. Chelsea is convinced and contrite, and climbs naked into position to pose, red bottom displayed. Vincent doesn’t need to paint it pink, but such a vista will help while away the hours, and might require color renewal.

Julia Jameson The Woman Next Door – NUWEST

30 Apr

F/m; year: 1996; time: 28 minutes

More petticoat punishment; of all the girls “next door” not to catch you going through their panty drawer, Julia would be the one. Or, maybe, she would be the ONE you’d like to be caught by. Julia catches a blond guy digging through her knickers in that top left drawer. “Does that make you excited, little man…how about you and I have some panty fun. Take off all your clothes.”

The men don’t argue much in this series. Julia spins him when he is naked to get a good look at what he has to offer. As in the other films in this series, Julia will select sets of her panties, have the guy put them on, take him OTK, spank him, and work him into a state of arousal, which has come faster for some actors than others in these films.

Five pairs, sexy talk, and a decent hard-on, if we say so. Well along, Julia opens her blouse. “Play with my tits….Oh, you cock’s waking up.”

After spanking and lap play with a full-white pair of her panties, she begins wanking him in earnest. “Oh, a little pre-cum,” she notices.

She continues spanking, lets him rub himself off on her thighs, then makes a cute little fuss about the mess he makes on her legs and on the floor.

Night Nurse-The Imposter-III – CONNOISSEURCP

30 Apr

MF/2f; time: 45 minutes

The story of the mystery spanker continues; blond ‘Dublin O’Brien’ plays the mother and working nurse, ‘Monica’ is her nubile insouciant nail-thin blond student daughter, and there is a father of the family, and the mystery female spanker.

Nurse Fisher had a night assignment and leaves ‘Jenny’ (actress Monica), but only after finishing a colorful handspanking on her nifty red lace panties and on the bare, in repayment for the embarrassment with her boss the headmaster, depicted in part I. The minute she is gone, Jenny telephones a friend, who arrives and turns out to be the mystery female brunette “Claire” who inserted herself in the spankings goings-on in Parts I and II.

Maybe the mystery is clarifying, Jenny and Claire are acquainted and begin spanking each other for pleasure–using an assortment of paddles and straps, and working toward bare bottoms. Jenny has several canes and the birch in the next room too. The last cane, “a thick one,” gains both girls’ praise. And finally the girls birch each other, twisting the strands into tight bundles between strokes. The instrument is painful, so they use it in moderation.

Jenny’s father bursts in at this point. After all, this is a spanking household. The nurse-mother and Jenny are fully acquainted with the supply of spanking implements we have been seeing. He recognizes Claire as the very same imposter who visited his school as an administrator. “I thought you looked familiar.” The scantily clad, hastily covered up girls claim they were just “messing around.” “It’s fun. isn’t it?” comments the father. Since this is just one big cluster spank, he’ll have his go now.

Jenny goes to the corner obediently and Claire goes OTK, then a bend-over, for spanking and paddling. Jenny feeds him instruments. On the bare, hands on a chair, Claire takes a long caning, 15 counted out, then another 10 because she muffed up. Jenny gets the birch, and Dad swipes her about 25 times, not really hard, but she twitches and you will itch as you watch.

Jenny’s turn. “You, off with your knickers, over the chair.” Direct to the cane, the elegant red knickers down. Jenny sniffles; mother, Nurse Fisher arrives. No one is ever surprised to walk in on a spanking in this household. They discuss who this mystery visitor “Claire” was, setting us in line for part IV.

Julia Jameson -Whipped and Smothered – NUWEST FCV-088

29 Apr

F/m; year: 1996; time: 27 minutes

Julia is doing the whipping and smothering here. A naked ponytailed male is strung up in the empty studio, with the faux jail door on the wall. ‘Julia Jameson’ circles and whips him with a martinet. She plays with his penis, kneels and works at it, getting some attention. A few more strokes of the whip and his cock is visibly jumping.

Dissolve the scene to a situation where the guy has been strapped down on his back on a bench. Julia continues to play with his cock, then sits on his face, although her slacks are still on.

Julia strips to bra and panties and sits on his face again. She changes directions so that she can reach down and play with his cock, while, we assume, he does what he is supposed to be doing. She lets her hair down. Panties off, a good thatch of hair. More face sitting.

Julia proceeds to give the guy a hand job, which takes a minute or two, we are glad to report. We have a discernible cum shot, not so common at NuWest.

The Police Inspector-The Imposter -II – CONNOISSEURCP

29 Apr

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 59 minutes

A female police officer (WPC)tickets Nurse Fisher (actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’), for a parking violation. She is the very same lady who in Part 1 conned her way into a spanking session at a school to get some of the action. Fisher begs for leniency on her parking violation. The WPC (we are learning that she is an opportunist when she smells CP) says Fisher’s husband ought to give her a good spanking.

Fisher too spots a good thing and invites the WPC back to her house, a fully furnished set we thank Connoisseur/Moonglow for putting together, rather than a motel room. In just two minutes, Fisher is being spanked on her black pants, part of a nurse’s uniform. She gets Fisher’s pants down and strokes that magnificent bottom.

“Oh, God, when is this going to end?” The WPC wants to know: “What has your husband been punishing you with?” Without pants at this point, Fisher retrieves a paddle and a tawse. This talented CP actress steps sweetly out of her puddled panties, fully understanding the importance of such detail. Great camera work, up her legs, from below. Lovely view bottom-high over a couch arm.

Fisher’s husband suddenly appears. What on earth is going on? He takes charge. Bare-bottomed Fisher must face the wall. WPC is forced OTK, told to shut up. (She is quickly submissive) Spanked first on black panties, she is ordered to stand. “Lower your knickers.” “You’re joking.”

At a chair, she is paddled and strapped. “Swap with my wife…keep your skirt pulled up.” At the chair, Fisher squirms. “You’re fidgeting more than she did. You should get used to this.” Both spanked bottoms presented for our comparison while the husband gets his cane, and “one of my favorite toys,” a carpet beater. The spankings look more like they itch than sting. 10 cane strokes, mild stuff. WPC swaps back again. Her bare bottom is nicely framed by her dark uniform top and black stockings. She gets 15 with the cane. Another bare bottom comparison and PC is chased off.

Actress Monica, from Part 1, playing their daughter, comes home and is immediately spanked for what happened to Fisher at school. (We’re having difficulty following the story line) At the conclusion, Nurse Fisher finds a calling card, dropped on the floor by WPC, which has a note: “That didn’t hurt too much, did it?”

Don’t I Give You Satisfaction? – CALSTAR

29 Apr

F/m; year: 1993; time: 22 minutes

An unusual CalStar with role reversal. An Irish girl we covet sees her male acquaintance off at the airport and then gives another girl a call, using her 1993 cell phone, big as a shoebox! The girl is calling her “boyfriend’s” wife. She just took a spanking from him and for some reason wants him to pay the price when HE gets home.

The wife confronts her husband–she has dressed herself as a schoolgirl, we hope for a purpose. He admits he likes to spank women. “It turns me on…I went there purely for spanking…sex just happened.” Since she doesn’t seem to give him much satisfaction, she is going to punish him, with her own implements.

She takes him OTK, full-length on the couch, jeans down to white shorts, then shorts down for a handspankking. He kneels on the couch for the strap and must count. “…one, Miss…two, Miss..” 36 strokes. Slippered while kneeling on the floor. Then the strap. “Oh, it’s coming up nice now,” she says (referring to his bottom we presume). When she switches to a riding crop, he wonders where it came from. “It must be yours. It’s not mine.” Then some caning, some strap, back to the cane, and a concluding hug. At this point the schoolgirl costume might be coming into play.

Discipline Digest – NUWEST

29 Apr

M/2f; year: 2001; time: 31 minutes

Four crisp segments in NuWest fashion.

NuWest actresses and cousins ‘Joanne’ and ‘Julia Jameson,’ are scheming. they are going to steal Ed Lee’s truck, drive to Mexico and sell it, then boogey on the proceeds. They fear Lee catching them, allowing us a flashback of another time they were caught by him.

Lee had bent the girls over the stair platform of his Table Mountain construction trailer, tied their hands behind their back, raised their skirts, drew bulls-eyes on each buttock of their panties, then peppered them from close range with a pellet gun. He called out each shot first, which may have indicated these shots were faked, but the targeted bottom didn’t jump when the gun misfired, so we’ll give him some slack. He makes a remark which refers to his past. “This is like the old Marine Corps days on the rifle range.” Each girl sings out a version of “Ow, fuck!” on cue.

We confess we had a pellet gun in our youth and an adolescent Joanne under our gaze, but we could never maneuver her into such a situation, although we imagined just such a scene. We have said that Lee, over the years, has played out many fantasies his customers have had.

In the second scene, the girls are trying to start the truck when Lee, “Uncle Ed,” catches them. They are sent inside, where they are given a choice, the pellet gun again, or “strap and thong.” Both select the whipping. they are ordered to strip, and soon we see them marching down the dirt road on the NuWest property (we assume), stark naked, in one of our favorite scenes in all of NuWest. In fact, we don’t recall any other film where Joanne and Julia are both on the receiving end, on the same set.

Dissolve to the NuWest workroom. Both naked girls are tied over an exercise bench, side-by-side. Lee whips both bottoms, forehand and backhand. Soon he has developed a variety of slashes in this colorful scene.

A third scenario is unrelated. Julia plays a teacher in a classroom ‘Jodi Cline’ is a bit improbable in a schoolgirl’s uniform. She works at erasing at a large blackboard and infuriates Julia by apparently intentionally flashing plenty of panty as she bends and reaches. Julia spanks her first in the classroom, then takes her to Principal Lee for a strapping in his office.

In the last scene, a female is being whipped over NuWest’s tilted box. ‘Vanna’ is doing the punishment, and being instructed by Lee. They alternate whipping sessions, then Vanna takes over for something she needs no help with. She puts on a very large strap-on dildo.

She slowly inserts the dildo, and maybe we are gullible, but it looks to us like she gets it all the way in. She gives the girl a slow and convincing fucking, while Lee circles taking still photos.

The girl is released–it is Joanne Jameson. She moves uncomfortably and is given a towel to wipe between her legs. She looks a bit stunned, more than usual, convincing us that this scene was real. They hug.

The School Inspector The Imposter-1 – CONNOISSEURCP

29 Apr

FM/2f; year: 2003; time: 60 minutes

A four-film mini-series. Nurse Fisher, a delectable blonde, the spankable actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ dressed in a simple nurse’s smock, has been summoned by Headmaster Dr. Granger. She has spanked two students without school authority. This being England, Granger can deal with it two ways–first, report her (and she would lose her job and her accreditation), the other–deal with it in the “scholastic” manner, which is school punishment–a spanking itself. Comely Ms. Fisher elects #2.

Granger is in high dudgeon. Fisher goes OTK, skirt up, to expose black panties and hose. When Granger tugs her pants down: “Oh, my gosh, don’t do that to me.” He handspanks and adds some slippering from one which happens to be within grasp. This is a brief session, she is released, but she gives Granger her black panties–another one of those school administrators with a trophy drawer. She must return later.

One of the girls Fisher spanked was her own stepdaughter–the actress ‘Monica,’ a tall, thin pigtailed blonde. She reports to Granger. “You can look forward to one of the most severe thrashings we’ve seen at this school.” First, Granger straps her palms, hard, bringing tears. We hope her bottom gets the same treatment.

Monica goes OTK, skirt up, pants down, long legs, a tight hard bottom asking for her attention. Easy to understand this actress’s list of credits. After she stands, he slaps her thighs with a paddle and takes a few whacks at her vagina. Not your everyday headmaster. More OTK, some slippering, excellent high-quality closeups. Monica bends over a desk for the tawse–loud cracks and she cries out. Next is the strap, even harder, low camera angles up her legs. Monica hangs onto the desk, shaking it in her dismay.

A phone call interrupts, a regional school inspector is stopping in, and–Nurse Fisher has arrived for her evening follow-up, so Monica’s caning needs to be accelerated. Seven firm strokes over a desk, then the classic bend-over touch-toes for 10 more, a posture which highlights Monica’s noteworthy kiester. Fisher enters and watches some of this–it is her shoplifter stepdaughter.

The demonic Doctor Granger is not finished. Monica doubles over the classic dunce stool and takes about 15 strokes with a fearsome birch bundle, administered with enough moderation that she can endure it. Fisher is forced to observe. Granger carefully fondles his handiwork. He concludes with “some kindness” of “special cream” he lasciviously applies.

So nervous Nurse Fisher, now dressed in erotic schoolgirl attire, is prepared for her second session. She has learned what the headmaster likes. OTK, a steady spanking on neat white school panties. Over a desk, actress Ms. O’Brien presents a beautiful tableau for the strap.

At this moment, a new actor, a female student inspector, steps in, is surprised to see the official school nurse, bare bottom-up, hands-on-head, facing the blackboard, wearing a questionable outfit, in the midst of punishment. The inspector knows the procedures and checks the punishment log and is generally displeased with this situation. The log book is sloppy and Nurse Fisher’s transgressions must be reported. But there (always) is another way.

The inspector will complete Fisher’s spanking herself and overlook the policy issues. Back over the desk, the inspector spanks and straps Fisher, hard and experienced. After a bit, they figure the inspector must be satisfied. “But I’m not.” “There’s more?” Dialogue provides erotic tension.

Over the stool for a large martinet/cat o’nine tails. loud and colorful. Fisher sees Granger with the cane. “Oh God, do you have to?” The inspector does the honors, seven mild strokes, before she assumes the “official position,” the bend-over, for another set. Granger then birches her over the stool–he twists the twigs to tighten the bundle. Fisher is shocked to hear she must work in the school the rest of the day in front of the students in this uniform. At least she recovered her white panties from this second session.

The inspector has left a fancy pen behind. The headmaster calls school district headquarters. There was no inspector sent today! Who was this woman and what did she want?

Class of ’96 – CALSTAR

29 Apr

2M/3f; time: 48 minutes

Students spank among themselves and are caught Prefect and ‘Head Boy”Stevenson’ presides at detention over two girls, blonds ‘Langton’ and ‘Morgan,’ who certainly look no better than they should be. You wonder who this young actor knew to get this part. The girls fidget at their desks–under-the-desk, between the legs shots.

When the girls tussle over the work they are doing, Stevenson threatens to cane Morgan. “You wish!” she taunts. “No way one of the other pupils in this school is going to see my bare bottom.” That doesn’t last long. Stevenson has her OTK, school skirt up, full white knickers. His spanking is zero, but Morgan is cute, and the film just started.

The girls tease Stevenson about his relationship with the headmaster’s daughter “Sophie Carter.” This costs Morgan her knickers, which seems to amuse everyone. Blond Langton goes over next, blue knickers, which quickly come down. “You pervert!” Stevenson has a paddle, the girls feign fear. Morgan over the desk first–she had gotten her panties back in place. “You’re disgusting. You have always wanted to look at girls’ bottoms.” He pulls her pants down and fondles–Morgan knows he likes that.

“Lanton, come and take her place now….remove your skirt and knickers.” When he has her on display over the desk: “You pig!”

“Against the wall, I want you to remove your clothes. NOW!” The girls are soon naked, and they have that delightful little problem. They don’t know what to cover with their hands as they face us. The two naked girls sit on his lap for a cuddle. “It will be twelve strokes of the cane.” Morgan first, lovely naked over the table, moderate strokes. Langton bites her nails. Then Langton gets 12, silly crying. This phase complete, the girls dress and rearrange the classroom furniture.

In a new scene at the school, actor ‘Michael Dawes’ is the headmaster or school director. He has received a call from a complaining parent, calls Stevenson in, and advises him about his punishments, “We’re going to have to calm it down a bit.”

Immediately, Stevenson catches female brunette ‘Dexter’ at work on some graffiti. He takes her to see Dawes, who is not in, so, damn! Stevenson will have to deal with her himself. She begs, but it isn’t going to work. She drops her skirt, goes OTK and Stevenson begins massaging her buttocks. “Umm, yes!” He spanks this thin brunette harder here than earlier in the film. He takes her knickers down–she knows the drill. A paddle over the desk, then more clothes off. Like many models in these CP films, she has trouble with her blouse buttons. A cute and revealing struggle over the desk for the paddling.

Next, the cane. Six hard strokes, but suddenly Dawes returns. “What’s going on here?” He’ll take over on Dexter. He’s glad she’s been caught and Stevenson’s proclivities are OK with him. “Brace yourself, girl.” Another dozen, much harder, and some are WILD. Stevenson holds her down. She tries to turn to watch the cane strike. “The final stroke should always be the one they remember.”

Artistic Impression – CALSTAR

28 Apr

3M/2f; year: 1995; time: 58 minutes

One of the great ageplay CalStar historical spankers. A burlesque-quality actor, a sort of bow-tied Rumpole type, the ‘Colonel,’ He sits for his portrait with a pretty female artist. He is stiff and eager to move around. He has been fantasizing about the girl painter. “This is not exactly the position I’d like to be in with you.” We see his imagining: she stands nude at the easel, trim body and fascinating fdark patch of pubic hair to match her jet black hair

A friend of the Colonel stops by, sees that the artist’s work is really a pornogrpahic cartoon of buttocks on legs. What should they do to her? They remember a bar girl they spanked another time and we cut to that scene. The Colonel and two of his friends drag a girl from out from behind her bar and spank her over a barstool–silly stuff reminiscent of a George Harrison Marks bar scene. In scenes cut between the artist’s spankings, she is spanked, paddled, stripped nude, and teased, concluding with a scene of a naked girl standing among the three fully dressed older men.

Cut back to the pretty brunette artist. The Colonel and his male friend “Lilly” will spank her. taking their “cue from the artwork.” No way you’re spanking my bottom like that.” Such challenges are always futile. OTK she goes, and she is spanked and gradually stripped naked in the same progression. She is less sanguine. “This is disgusting…get your hands off me…you’re a disgusting old pervert.” When she is naked on the decorated couch where the Colonel had posed, he birches her, the first significant punishment. She goes quiet and begins sobbing. The birch is always an equalizer. Nice views front, side, and back, as she twists naked under the birch on the couch.

The Colonel to his friend Lilly: “Time we put the cane on it. You do some, I’ll do some.” The poor girl. “I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’re disgusting.” A long slow frontal of the naked artist while the men prepare to cane her. Standing, bending over the couch again, she takes 10 strokes from Lilly, then 8 more, much harder, from the Colonel. She is in tears, and it appears she could not take any more caning. She stands naked and submissive, apologizes for her cartoon, and Lilly paints some graffiti on her bare back and we have completed this trifle.