Twenty Questions – REDSTRIPE

11 Apr

F/2f; year: 2009; time: 40 minutes

‘Miss Brown’ at work in the classroom; simple in format, finely tuned in exacting detail. Miss Brown makes the most mundane plot into a compelling performance. She has caught two students, in complete school dress, smoking, drinking, and gabbing on the phone. A telling piece of dialogue delineates the era of the year 1999: “Since when are MO-BILE phones allowed in school?”

The two blondes are sent to a classroom. RedStripe couldn’t master the external traffic noises any better than CALSTAR. There they get the first Miss Brown lecture and then must follow her into a sort of inner sanctum, a well appointed sitting room, the suggestion being that students don’t leave the room smiling very often. The girls aren’t given names.

The first blonde goes OTK, full-length on the couch; the positioning and Miss Brown’s lowering of her white panties are ritualized with careful attention to the erotic moment. She spanks with full-stroke lefty slaps. Miss B.  speaks in a low, mostly inaudible murmur, but it is easily assumed that what she is saying can’t be good. Some handspanks standing over the couch–very hard; marks show early.

The ponytail blonde gets the same couch time. Miss Brown shows unusual interest in these attractive bare bottoms. The two girls are lovely when compared side by side. Miss Brown moves from bottom to bottom, buttock to buttock, cracking hard with a leather sole paddle.

Miss B.  tortures the first blonde with a schoolgirl classic–holding textbooks at arms’ length, especially entertaining without pants. More paddle for the ponytail. Both girls are made to sit in front of the fireplace, hands on head. The ponytail rises to get the cane first.

She bends over a chair. Even this detail is done with sweet precision–full bend, grab the chair legs, locked knees. About 21 strokes, counted backwards aloud, with some extras because the stressed girl gets confused. Miss B. has positioned her panties at perfect mid-thigh. The strokes are hard and breath-catching.

The first blonde rises to take her turn and is clearly frightened after watching. Miss Brown always specializes in tormenting observers when their turn comes. This girl doesn’t muff up the count….”Eighteen, thank you, miss…seventeen, thank you, miss”  etc.

Marvelous closeup of a well-punished bottom. Each stroke is a musical event.

The girls receive a long lecture, pull up their pants, and leave. In spite of this simple format, with no frills at all, a blog called “katiespage”  referred to ‘Twenty Questions’  as one of the “horniest.’ One word more descriptive than this whole review.

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