Silly Milly – MOONGLOW

22 Apr

M/f; time: 36 minutes

Silly fun in a hotel room, listed as a sequel to MOONGLOW’s ‘Minnie the Jinx.’ Actress ‘Pamela Jones’ plays ‘Milly,’ and actor John Kirwood does one of his typical comical routines in a fright wig. He plays a German traveler checking in to a British hotel room, in fact Moonglow’s sparse little bedroom set.

He orders some Scotch from room service, and blond Milly shows up in a naughty maid’s costume. She sees his open suitcase of spanking implements and is intrigued. “Would you like to try them…pretend you are a bad girl?” Soon she volunteers to go OTK for a series of playful spankings with several implements, no harm done. John gets her panties down. “Ah, beautiful!” Various positions for martinets and paddles.

While John pours a drink, Milly leaves to change. She returns in a silk blouse, black slacks, and boots. The spankings continue; she goes OTK for more implements- two tawses. Kirwood helps her to undress–blouse off, bra off to display exciting large boobs. John helps her off with the boots and pulls off the slacks. He kisses her bottom. Because it is hot, “If you ever lose your job you can become radiator.” He is sufficiently impressed with this line he looks at the camera for response. None from us. Panties off, down to just stockings and garters.

Mild martinet, cropping, and a brief caning. Three minutes are spent creaming her bottom with ‘Kraut Kream,’ which Moonglow advertises for sale. The couple get in bed for a playful tussle as the film ends.

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