Trouble From The Trouble Shooter Part 2 – CALSTAR

22 Apr

MF/3f; time: 53 minutes

More spanking at the health club; indominable ‘Steph’ plays a troubleshooter retained to address the bottoms of female employees. We assume employment was not great in Great Britain, because the girls are compliant. Steph confronts them, holding court on a barren sunlit enclosed porch, list of transgressions in hand.

‘Ginny’is the receptionist/wedding planner and has goofed up important reservations. She is a saucy and cute short-haired brunette. Her protestations and excuses heighten our interest. “You’re going across my knee for a damn good spanking…no more arguments.” Steph spanks hard on her blue slacks, overhand with her right arm, and direct with her left hand. Ginny helps her down with the slacks from her OTK position to expose white shorty panties. “Let’s pull these down, Oh, it’s not looking so sore yet.” “Oh please, Miss.” A very nice closeup of her bare bottom. “You’ve got worse to come, girl!’

Ginny is asked to stand and bend over the chair, but first: “Take off your clothes.” “Why?” We know this is the way it’s done in CalStar-England. Ginny’s sweet little body adorns the empty room.

Over the chair, legs straight for the familiar oval paddle, loud pops in the open room. She stands naked, full-frontal, while she is bawled out again for her failures. More paddling. Ginny chatters through it all, non-chalant, but we can’t hear the dialogue clearly in this loud room. Steph is always edgy. “Shut up. You really want a good caning, don’t you?”

Steph checks with the camera–you wonder why these experienced actors do this. A signal? Probably time for the cane. She lays on about 20 professional very focussed strokes. Marks and welts appear immediately, and Miss Ginny has gone quiet, as girls tend to do in the hands of Steph (and to minimize strokes so repeats can be used). Lovely side camera angles as the cane falls—quivering bottom, miserable face, hanging breasts, and little raven fuzz. She is dismissed. There won’t be any more scheduling errors.

The next girl on Steph’s busy calendar is a blonde in tight blue shorts and a flowered top. She is an exercise instructor and quite out of uniform. She gets her tongue-lashing. “I love my job here.” The girls seem to know what reporting to Steph entails. OTK she goes, same right and left-hand spanking. Steph works her shorts down, the blonde reaches underneath to unsnap them in the crotch, and Steph carefully preserves the white panties for the traditional removal in a few minutes. When they do come down, again: “Oh, it doesn’t look sore enough to me.”

The blonde stands, over a chair, pulls off her top to expose a thin, youthful figure, for the paddle, the same side views. But this time, she jumps up and resigns. “You can stick your job,” and runs off naked, bundle of clothes in-hand.

Outside, at the pool, the ever-dangerous actor ‘Michael Dawes,” as ‘Mr. Robinson,’ is testing the pool water. ‘Claire’ is called over. “Are you in charge here?” The water is too low on chlorine; the opportunistic Robinson explains that corporal punishment is the troubleshooter’s solution, Claire seems to have heard of Steph and accepts a trip to Robinson’s office as possibly a better deal. This Claire is going to be entertaining–a trim package, long auburn hair, in a warmup suit.

Robinson’s office–the white sectional CalStar set. Robinson shows her the cane he has gotten from the “troubleshooter’s room.” She hangs her head. She will test the water every morning, otherwise he will “test this cane every morning.”

Warmup pants down, nifty black G string/thong, perfect closeups. “You have been dying to see my bottom, haven’t you, Mr. Robinson?” She is right about that, and she has given him his chance. “You’re such a pervert.” They exchange a lot of preliminary spanking talk. Thong down, lovely shots from below. “I’m determined to make this bottom really red.” On the couch, Claire knows to keep her long hair from hiding her face. “Nice bottom, Claire. I must admit, I have noticed it.” She knows he is a pervert and abets him with enticing talk. He decides to go “straight to the cane.”

She takes her jacket off and is twirled, naked, but for the little white socks. Over the couch, about 25 with the cane, various angles. She keeps her glamorous waist-length hair out of the way. When she is finished, Mr. Robinson dances his fingertips around her wheals, eliciting gasps. Looks like Robinson can patrol the grounds of the club, pick off girls, and offer alternatives to the troubleshooter.

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