Driving Lessons – MOONGLOW

25 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

The stunning ‘Alison Payne’ plays ‘Paula.’ We picked up this film in a CAVERN collection, but it has been contained on some MOONGLOW anthologies and was clearly made by them back-in-the-day before shaving.

Paula approaches ‘Andy’ to borrow his car for the evening. She wears one of those jersey dresses which accentuates her body where it counts the most. Andy relents and sets a 12:30 curfew and no alcohol.

Sure enough, Andy waits up, and Paula staggers in at 1:10 AM. He films her arrival, so he can threaten to report her to her mother and thus blackmail into taking what he is waiting to give her. When she stumbles in, Andy is smacking his palm with a small paddle. “What is that in your hand?” She will “take a dose” or he will tell her mother.

He takes her OTK, the short jersey dress rides up, and he has her knickers down for another view of this celebrity bottom. As the spanking proceeds, the dialogue chatter continues, as Ms. Payne always does. Closups. “Getting warm, are we?” She jerks maddeningly as he spanks. “Quit wriggling, girl.”

Andy has Paula stand, drop her knickers and hand them over, which she does with a defiant and sexy gesture. “Pull your dress up and tie it around your waist.” This for no other reason than to give us a leisurely full frontal view, unshaven. He sends her off to put on her nightgown and return.

She returns in a full-length white silk nightie. He flourishes his cane. Paula objects (just slightly): “I thought I was getting the strap, not the cane.” He instructs her to bend over and pull her nightie tight between her legs, forming the perfect outline for her buttocks. The first 7 strokes are on the cloth, to sweet yelps.

“Pull your skirt up, bend over.” The wonderful bare bottom, nicely striped already. She’s getting “twelve.” We counted 14. Rubbing, closeups, legs open, extras for complaining (which she always does). Long hold on her bottom to conclude, and Andy smacks a few times as she organizes to leave.

This brief film is very nearly the best work we have seen of this actress.

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