Artistic Impression – CALSTAR

28 Apr

3M/2f; year: 1995; time: 58 minutes

One of the great ageplay CalStar historical spankers. A burlesque-quality actor, a sort of bow-tied Rumpole type, the ‘Colonel,’ He sits for his portrait with a pretty female artist. He is stiff and eager to move around. He has been fantasizing about the girl painter. “This is not exactly the position I’d like to be in with you.” We see his imagining: she stands nude at the easel, trim body and fascinating fdark patch of pubic hair to match her jet black hair

A friend of the Colonel stops by, sees that the artist’s work is really a pornogrpahic cartoon of buttocks on legs. What should they do to her? They remember a bar girl they spanked another time and we cut to that scene. The Colonel and two of his friends drag a girl from out from behind her bar and spank her over a barstool–silly stuff reminiscent of a George Harrison Marks bar scene. In scenes cut between the artist’s spankings, she is spanked, paddled, stripped nude, and teased, concluding with a scene of a naked girl standing among the three fully dressed older men.

Cut back to the pretty brunette artist. The Colonel and his male friend “Lilly” will spank her. taking their “cue from the artwork.” No way you’re spanking my bottom like that.” Such challenges are always futile. OTK she goes, and she is spanked and gradually stripped naked in the same progression. She is less sanguine. “This is disgusting…get your hands off me…you’re a disgusting old pervert.” When she is naked on the decorated couch where the Colonel had posed, he birches her, the first significant punishment. She goes quiet and begins sobbing. The birch is always an equalizer. Nice views front, side, and back, as she twists naked under the birch on the couch.

The Colonel to his friend Lilly: “Time we put the cane on it. You do some, I’ll do some.” The poor girl. “I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’re disgusting.” A long slow frontal of the naked artist while the men prepare to cane her. Standing, bending over the couch again, she takes 10 strokes from Lilly, then 8 more, much harder, from the Colonel. She is in tears, and it appears she could not take any more caning. She stands naked and submissive, apologizes for her cartoon, and Lilly paints some graffiti on her bare back and we have completed this trifle.

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