Don’t I Give You Satisfaction? – CALSTAR

29 Apr

F/m; year: 1993; time: 22 minutes

An unusual CalStar with role reversal. An Irish girl we covet sees her male acquaintance off at the airport and then gives another girl a call, using her 1993 cell phone, big as a shoebox! The girl is calling her “boyfriend’s” wife. She just took a spanking from him and for some reason wants him to pay the price when HE gets home.

The wife confronts her husband–she has dressed herself as a schoolgirl, we hope for a purpose. He admits he likes to spank women. “It turns me on…I went there purely for spanking…sex just happened.” Since she doesn’t seem to give him much satisfaction, she is going to punish him, with her own implements.

She takes him OTK, full-length on the couch, jeans down to white shorts, then shorts down for a handspankking. He kneels on the couch for the strap and must count. “…one, Miss…two, Miss..” 36 strokes. Slippered while kneeling on the floor. Then the strap. “Oh, it’s coming up nice now,” she says (referring to his bottom we presume). When she switches to a riding crop, he wonders where it came from. “It must be yours. It’s not mine.” Then some caning, some strap, back to the cane, and a concluding hug. At this point the schoolgirl costume might be coming into play.

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