The Police Inspector-The Imposter -II – CONNOISSEURCP

29 Apr

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 59 minutes

A female police officer (WPC)tickets Nurse Fisher (actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’), for a parking violation. She is the very same lady who in Part 1 conned her way into a spanking session at a school to get some of the action. Fisher begs for leniency on her parking violation. The WPC (we are learning that she is an opportunist when she smells CP) says Fisher’s husband ought to give her a good spanking.

Fisher too spots a good thing and invites the WPC back to her house, a fully furnished set we thank Connoisseur/Moonglow for putting together, rather than a motel room. In just two minutes, Fisher is being spanked on her black pants, part of a nurse’s uniform. She gets Fisher’s pants down and strokes that magnificent bottom.

“Oh, God, when is this going to end?” The WPC wants to know: “What has your husband been punishing you with?” Without pants at this point, Fisher retrieves a paddle and a tawse. This talented CP actress steps sweetly out of her puddled panties, fully understanding the importance of such detail. Great camera work, up her legs, from below. Lovely view bottom-high over a couch arm.

Fisher’s husband suddenly appears. What on earth is going on? He takes charge. Bare-bottomed Fisher must face the wall. WPC is forced OTK, told to shut up. (She is quickly submissive) Spanked first on black panties, she is ordered to stand. “Lower your knickers.” “You’re joking.”

At a chair, she is paddled and strapped. “Swap with my wife…keep your skirt pulled up.” At the chair, Fisher squirms. “You’re fidgeting more than she did. You should get used to this.” Both spanked bottoms presented for our comparison while the husband gets his cane, and “one of my favorite toys,” a carpet beater. The spankings look more like they itch than sting. 10 cane strokes, mild stuff. WPC swaps back again. Her bare bottom is nicely framed by her dark uniform top and black stockings. She gets 15 with the cane. Another bare bottom comparison and PC is chased off.

Actress Monica, from Part 1, playing their daughter, comes home and is immediately spanked for what happened to Fisher at school. (We’re having difficulty following the story line) At the conclusion, Nurse Fisher finds a calling card, dropped on the floor by WPC, which has a note: “That didn’t hurt too much, did it?”

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