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30 May

M/4f; year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

Four girls and a prefect sleep in a dorm room, a great start! The morning alarm sounds and the girls scramble to dress—some slept naked. Maroon pinafores. Nudie shots, bend-overs, bottoms.

A matron enters and inspects the girls. The student female prefect scores them on a clipboard. The prefect does a white-glove inspection of the room and one of the girls finds a dust bunny under a cot. No one confesses fault. All four must report to the headmaster, which means corporal punishment.

While they wait outside the Head’s office, the prefect tries to explain how to deal with a caning. “Try to relax your muscles. It hurts more if you clench them.” While they wait, the prefect has the girls do deep knee bends, 40 squats, for bad language, a painful exercise which will stick with you.

Inside his office, the Head is having coffee and being briefed by the matron. They feel the girls have become too cocky. He arranges for the custodian to do the punishment, the caning. They will need a better caning bench (the ribbed trestle familiar from the ‘Director’ series, apparently available on order from a school supply house), because one of the girls is on the heavier side.

After the squats, the prefect has the girls strip. This scene went too quickly for us–we missed the big moments Lupus does so well. The girls are now in front of the headmaster, in shadowy light, trying to cover themselves, and being naked, not in much of a position to bargain. They are each going to get 50 cane strokes. The trestle is bathed in a sort of floodlight as the girls stand in the gloom.

The heavy-set blonde is strapped down first. She almost overwhelms the trestle. She screams and quivers through her 50. The spectating girls quake in horror. If they had to be instructed not to clench their buttocks, we assume this is their first caning.

A small and thin brunette gets her 50 and marks up immediately.

The third girl, another brunette, is already in tears, and no one could blame her.

The fourth girl, cute blond ‘Anna,’ has to be led to the trestle. The cane affects her the most of the four. The headmaster takes some delight in close examination of the beaten bottoms before the girls are sent off to class. Outside, the sadistic prefect decides she wants another set of squats from the girls, which must hurt like hell with wheals across your bottom.

Later that night, in the dorm, the girls figure it was Anna’s fingernail cuttings which caused the dirt clump. After lights out, and a matron-check, the girls jump Anna, turn her bottoms-up, and with the handle of a dust brush, use it where it will do the most good.

Then the matron sneaks in again after all is quiet. Is she planning more trash for tomorrow?

That Skirt’s Too Short – NUWEST

30 May

F/f; year: 1999; time: 19 minutes

Actresses ‘Julia Jameson’ and ‘Katie’ in another film not destined for the Sundance Film Festival. Julia plays Katie’s ‘auntie’ here. She claims she has received a call from her school Principal. The boys have been gathering to watch her bend over the drinking fountain. Knowing what we have seen of Katie, you’d think the Principal would be out there too.

“So you’re proud of your little silk panties….I’m going to warm them up…and your bottom!” You’ll positively shiver at the acting, but keep an eye on Katie. It’s true, that little skirt she wears is so short the slightest movement produces a panty flash.

“Take that skirt off.” Palms on the chair for a bend-over. Julia herself takes off a full-length robe to display a flower-print bra and panty set, and that Amazon backbreaker of a body. A NuWest catalogue at the time pointed out this film was “fun for the underwear fans.” After this first phase, they hug and thank each other.. There is a pause, because someone forgot her lines.

Julia calls her sister, Katie’s ‘mother,’ to report that Katie likes being spanked and is in fact fishing for any excuse.

Katie enters the room, wearing a silly American Girl ruffled dress that only an actress like her could pull off. She curtsies for Julia and actually loses her balance, but the camera keeps rolling. OTK, ruffled panties soften the spanking blows and in fact muffle the sound. (Where is that Spencer paddle when we need it?) “Let’s get that dress off.” Katie is not wearing a bra. Julia herself strips again–this time a black undie set.

In the next scene the girls have just returned from church and wear long dresses. Nothing like a good spanking after church. Julia takes off Katie’s dress and has Katie untie her own dress. Both now in full slips (the underwear thing continues, unabated). Julia will use “my Sunday paddle.”

A loud spanking on Katie’s pantygirdle. Both slips off; more bra/pantygirdle sets. Julia sees that Katie has been very much enjoying all this. “Go to the corner and take care of yourself.” We see Katie masturbating through her pantygirdle. You’d like to help.

Officer But Not A Gentleman – CALSTAR

30 May

M/f; time: 44 minutes

Odd format for CALSTAR, just a curtain backdrop for a spanking confrontation, reminding us of an early JANUS magazine photo shoot and a technique seen in their first films.

A very attractive brunette stands with her arms stretched over her head, hanging onto something out of sight. She is in the “discipline room” at her place of employment, and she is in the clutches of the company discipline officer, who on this day will indeed not be a gentleman. He tuck up her skirt to see her bottom, which is apparently what she tries to do around the office. She does have a beautiful bottom, totally bare but for a thong. The principal saving grace of this weak video is that this splendid bare tush will occupy most of the screen for the full 44 minutes.

She is spanked slowly, in various positions, not hard, over the course of the video. First she kneels on a chair, followed by a lengthy but sensual application of cold cream, then toe-touching for more spanking. She must remove her dress at this point, and the correction officer feigns displeasure that she is not wearing a bra. Some OTK, more cream, thong off, down to just stockings.

More handspanking; she turns to face us and is clearly proud of the little Mohawk she maintains. The Discipline Officer: “Ready for phase 2?” She steps out of her thong with some charm and is spanked on both her bottom and thighs. We guess she won’t tell the other girls in the office about phase 2. Some more cream and that’s all there is.

Discipline in Russia #1 -Klafelin I -Nettles

30 May

M/2f; time: 42 minutes

Goofy Russian dungeon-grubby clothing, bright red BDSM sets, faux stone walls. Two guys seem to have been robbed by prostitutes they have just finished with, so they decide to pick up any two girls and get payback from them for being tricked. They find two attractive but travelled girls and spirit them to the above described hideaway, more fit for a fraternity Halloween party than anything else. There will be a party, of sorts.

The girls are fondled and probed, acceptable in their profession. The girls are ordered to strip, which they do playfully, because they think it is part of their deal with these guys. They both do a dildo routine on the bed and ask when the main event begins. Auburn-haired ‘Isabella’ allows herself to be fitted with a leather collar and cuffs. When she is hooked and strung up, she is still amused by these strange doings and these goofy guys. (We, for our part, have lost most of our amusement at this point.) One guy begins to windmill-whip Isabella with two soft many-tongued floggers, front and back, top to bottom. It is silly, but she puts up a cute struggle, arms stretched to the limit. The second girl stands, hands-on-head, awaiting her turn. The faux flogging takes up some time. Then one of our demonic clowns attaches nipple clamps and tries to heat the connecting chain with a lighter. This is a naughty erotic idea, but they don’t perfect it, not a surprise, because this is a Russian film. The whipping continues with a sort of bullwhip and two shorter whips. Finally Isabella is zinged enough to jump and twist. The guy grabs her collar to hold her bottom in place. She is developing some redness and welts.

The second girl is cuffed and strung up–she is doing a fair job of convincing us she is not looking forward to being whipped. She is charming on tiptoes. During her flogging, she seems to develop a sheen of perspiration, an erotic touch, real or faked, we appreciated. Finally a cane materializes and our tippy-toe girl takes a dozen, crisp but not notable, although she produces some welts. She kisses the cane; the girls’ red bottoms are lined up for the closeup. The actual thieves are caught and they themselves struggle with the two girls who took the surrogate punishment. Way out there, this film!

Michelle 90-10 Rule – NUWEST

30 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Producer Ed Lee’s theory claims that you can elicit an orgasm from almost any woman by spanking her properly. We’re not sure about this, but it worth trying, again and again.

Actress ‘Michelle’ is today’s candidate, and we are in the posture of the ‘Love Spanking’ series, where Lee has Michelle on his lap on the side of a bed. He will spank, frig, spank until something happens. First, immediately, he takes her panties down and knots them at her ankles, a dominant little gesture we don’t recall seeing before in thousands of CP films.

He spanks and gropes, spreading her thighs, frigging harder and harder. It gets a little rough, before Michelle makes with the orgasm. Michelle gets on her knees for a doggie fuck from Lee.

In other films of this genre, this would be the fade to a conclusion. But here, after the dissolve, we reconvene with a camera shot from above. Lee, or his surrogate, is erect and ramming someone. But the bathrobe is his.

Exciting Opportunity – CALSTAR

30 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Another contractor collects his money! Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ plays a window washer who spies his customer ‘Mrs. James’ masturbating on the white sectional couch. It seems Mrs. James doesn’t pay her bills and attempts to flirt with Dawes when he calls. She is a very cute brunette in naughty lingerie you wouldn’t wear to discuss things with a window washer unless you had more extensive plans. “Are you flirting with me?”

Dawes leads her to her own couch. “I’ve got a good mind to smack your bottom.” She keeps teasing, but he goes to the working van and returns with his big-three implements—paddle, strap, and cane. Mrs. James does not resist and is taken OTK full-length on the couch, in skimpy little undies, bare feet curled up. Slow, careful handspanking, with fondles and squeezes. “I’m beginning to feel you are enjoying this.” Dawes fingers under her panties before he pulls them down. “A lovely sight.” Mrs. James has an overall tan.

She takes her top off and he twirls her, nude. Fuzzy frontal look. She is bent over an arm of the couch for the soft paddle and presents a gorgeous visage. The paddle is next; she coos her words through it all. He fondles and pinches this sweet body into the position he wants for the cane, finding the porno magazine she was reading when he spied her.

He lays on 11 strokes; lovely marks and wheals. She is not upset by intimate attention and tries to unbutton his clothes. But Dawes is a working man, with a crew nearby, and knows an annuity when he sees one. “See you next month.”

Employment Welts – CALSTAR

29 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 38 minutes

A girl’s visa expires!! Great ageplay, an older property owner discovers his young would-be gardener ‘Michelle’ has been so careless as to let her visa expire. You’d think her friends would have advised her what these old British guys always do when that is discovered, a private-sector form of immigration reform. Their noisy outdoor discussion is taken inside. The Owner: “You shouldn’t be working, then….I’ve got to cut corners….I’ll explain the cooperation I need.”

What he wants of course are some “perks,” which means–and he doesn’t hesitate–“a little bit of spanking,” which he calls “fun.” Michelle, tall, cute brunette pageboy in a low-cut blouse, is not so sure. “I don’t want to be showing my body to anyone.” Left to contemplate her dilemma (and her lack of alternatives), she accepts her fate.

“Take your jeans off.” Sweet little black lace panties. “Take your shirt off.” A black bra is working full time. OTK, he starts a slow handspanking. Michelle spreads her legs wide to keep balance. Long legs, touch toes to the floor. The landowner-spanker is an older guy, grey hair, shirt, and necktie. Michelle kneels on the floor, then removes her knickers. Back OTK, legs splayed–everyone fully aware of the view. The Owner: “I use this apartment as an office…and for other things…you understand.”

Michelle faces us, just in a bra, tawny little fuzz. The bra comes off–quite a lady. Hands on head, helpless and naked. The Owner runs his finger between her legs and fondles her breasts. “You’re understanding me quite well.” Over an arm of the couch for a hard slippering–very sexy pose as she bends over, nude.

The Owner uses a heavy tawse–right, left, up, and down, hard and fierce. We saw this pattern suggested once on how to roller-paint a wall. Michelle gasps. The oval paddle is next, then “the ultimate correction toy…10 strokes, maybe 20.” This is the cane, and actually about 20 strokes are on film. Michelle is in tears halfway through and is a delight to behold, from the various angles shown.

She’ll garden, and this will happen about once a week. Good thing her job is mostly on her feet.