Bob Meets Katie – NUWEST FCV-089

2 May

F/m; time: 33 minutes

Versatile ‘Katie’ earns her fee here. ‘Bob,’ a slightly roly-poly male submissive for NuWest, is going to be dealt with by domme Katie. “We can start by getting your God Damn clothes off, right now.” Katie is dressed in a T-shirt, denim shorts, and 2 ponytails, still a bit of an ingénue despite this characterization. She has a whip.

After Bob is naked, he has to roll around on the floor on NuWest Oriental rug. Katie has him play the “doggy-game” on a collar and leash. He has to bark and lick her feet; this is sophomoric so far, but wait.

Bob places a bench center-stage, lies on his back, and Katie sits on his face, having taken off her denim shorts. Next she takes off her panties and sits on his face again–this is getting interesting. Lots of frontals as Katie moves around the stage. Bob must be complaining a little bit and is sweating. “Can’t take it? That’s too fuckin’ bad.”

After a scene blackout, Bob is now strung up and being whipped with a martinet. Katie has dressed in blouse, slacks, and knee boots.

Another blackout; Bob now kneels on all-fours on a bench. An enema trolley is in position. Katie is cute as she can be in a nurse’s uniform, complete with rubber gloves. “Ready to have your enema?” What can the guy possibly say? She inserts the nozzle slowly and keeps checking with the camera.

Another dissolve: Bob is again on all-fours on the bench, theoretically cleaned out, and ready for the climax, as it were. Katie is naked, carrying a strap-on dildo. “Ready for more torture?” Before she puts it on, Katie makes Bob suck the dildo. “Suck that cock!” This accomplished the lubrication. She straps it on and inserts it, jerking her hips enticingly. “Don’t fuckin’ whimper and whine.” She gives him a good ride, repeatedly checking the director. We wondered why, and concluded that all this was very real and she sought assurance that in her enthusiasm she wasn’t going too far.

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