Debutante’s Discipline – CALSTAR

2 May

M/2f; time: 33 minutes

Tennis, and without panties, for those of your who have thought about that. ‘Alexis’ and ‘Emma,’ two flighty elite-looking girls, challenge scuzzy ‘Dave’ to a game of tennis. He requires: the winner or winners get their way with the losers. No quarreling, you must submit. Agreed. Dave serves up some wine court-side, “to loosen you up.” [traffic noises on the sound track] This is one of those bets a guy can’t lose either way.

In minutes, Dave has defeated the girls. What would they have done if it were reversed? Emma: “This is no fun.” Dave: “Time to start your punishment for losing.” “What…what do you mean?” Emma, a runway-thin brunette with hair pulled into a tight ponytail, wearing a cut-off blouse and a tight tank-type skirt, is gently encouraged over Dave’s lap. Any doubts now, girls?

He rolls up the skirt. What’s this? No panties. Moderate handspanking on a small very tight bottom, with a mole neatly located on the left buttock. When this spanking is finished, she stands and he inspects her bottom while we inspect her front. He kisses her bottom and we now see this is going to punishment in name only.

Dave moves the action inside, which is necessary, considering what he has planned. It is Alexis’ turn. She is fluffy light brunette; she lies lengthwise on a couch over Dave’s lap. He pulls up her skirt and bunches her pants for a handspanking. She is soon moaning too. Perfect camera work, and Alexis’ bottom is one of those exceptional classic hard, round, spankable glories which can get a girl a job anywhere. Emma unsnaps Alexis’ pants in the crotch to assist Dave and he demands spank Alexis too, “or I will use the cane on you.”

Dave kneads and separates Alexis’ buttocks and makes Emma kiss and bite them. “Harder, bite harder.” Everyone is excited. Alexis is sent to get the cat o’nine tails and Emma gets a whipping, bare bottom on the couch, sets of six, impressive.

The action thus far has been standard fare, but now escalates sharply. Alexis is directed to “assume the position” on the couch. Emma is handed a cane and she lays on over 20 strokes–firm, snappy, and she loves doing it. Several views of a kicking and struggling Alexis. It keeps going. Alexis must count out six more, then she stands and leans over the couch. “Give her 10, hard.” Emma is loving her work and kisses Alexis’ striped bottom.

Still not finished. Both girls kneel bare-bottomed side-by-side on the couch. Since they won’t admit Dave has defeated them, he is going to cane them until they do admit it. He alternates, about 15 strokes to each; gasps abound. “Let me know when I win.”

For some reason he focusses on Emma’s tight elegant bottom, already suffering. She gets about 15 more strokes, increasingly severe, and begins to cry. Alexis holds her and tries to help her through it. In the cut ending, the girls have dressed and leave, as if it were all in a day’s fun. It was for us.

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