Naughty Nurse – MOONGLOW

2 May

M/f; time: 40 minutes

An old ‘Moonglow,’ we think, released by CAVERN, and probably not the original title. We will amend this if we learn more. A nurse, ‘Miss Carter,’ is having a smoke in a concrete block room, a dressing station. She slowly puts on her uniform over her naughty underwear, playing with herself along the way.

She rushes off to work–she has let the time slip away. ‘Mr. Chancellor’ intercepts her, has had enough of this, and will sack her. “I’ll do anything you say….anything.” We guess she knows that at hospitals, the ample supply of nurses provides opportunities.

“You’re going to get a good thrashing….on your bottom.” She meets him in his office; he arrives with an armload of spanking implements. “What’s all that for?” If you can believe her. She is taken OTK immediately. He begins spanking on her uniform, which he quickly pulls up, to notice the scanties we saw in the dressing room. “These aren’t regulation knickers, are they?….let’s pull these knickers right down.”

Carter stands, hands-on-head, more handspanking. She whispers she won’t be late any more, and she is getting excited by all this. Into the diaper position, precarious on the small desk. Handspanking.

Bend-overs again, for the slipper and the strap. Uniform off, knickers finally gone, positioning and posing, over the desk yet again for the spearmint paddle, wood kitchen stirrer and spoon. He keeps checking between her legs, and from the sound of her, she is getting more and more excited.

A very large floppy paddle pretty much covers both buttocks. “Is this making you horny?” “Ooh.”
He starts in with a cane. After just five strokes, she stops. “That fuckin’ hurts!” Groups of strokes follow as she gets breaks, is teased between her thighs, etc. About 15 strokes. He creams her buttocks at the conclusion; he should be standing near the time clock on her next day of work.

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