Prostitute and Policeman – MOONGLOW

2 May

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Another film we paid good money to download from CAVERN‘s site; it feels like another old MOONGLOW, maybe renamed. Research continues.

A familiar MOONGLOW actor, with his heavy Irish brogue, calls a ‘massage parlor’ to get some information. He makes an appointment and shows up at 7:30 PM. A very pretty brunette, with an elegantly coiffed pageboy, meets him, in just red bra and skirt. She fixes him a cocktail and he strips down to skimpy gray jockeys. He lies on a simple couch on a towel for his ‘massage’ to begin. Facilities are pretty sparse in this parlor. On his stomach and back for a faux massage, is that something going on in his shorts?

When the girl offers to go a little further, he pulls his badge out of his jacket. “Sorry, you’re nicked.” She is appalled of course. “It’s either down to the station (in other Moonglow films with this actor we have seen what can happen behind closed doors there), or do it my way.” He has brought a map tube of canes and paddles with him. Did we miss this coming through the door? “I’ve never had the cane.”

First, he takes her OTK, skirt up, her red thong matches her bra. Next she kneels on the couch for the studded floppy leather strap. She has to stand in the corner. But she complains, “You’re not getting away with it.” He straps her, standing and kneeling.

We get to the cane. “Touch your toes.” She can do this, but gradually slips her grasp to her ankles. 25 strokes are on film. “Ow, fuck….that really hurts.” Fuzzy puss.

“Stand up, take your bra off.” She looks at him with some distain, when she displays her enviable boobs. “Is that all right? Am I good enough for you?” After the caning, he begins the creaming, slowly. “No more whacking?” “Not tonight.” He leaves her nude in the corner, just a red garter belt. “See you same time next week.”

2 Responses to “Prostitute and Policeman – MOONGLOW”

  1. George April 23, 2021 at 2:12 am #

    It was a Cavern move (CAV23B) originally released on a video tape paired with The Hairdresser (CAV23A) and distributed in the UK by Spanking for Pleasure. It was cut down to 18 minutes and included on Moonglow North Compendium Two (DVD N05) under the name A Fair Cop. CalStar sold the Cavern/SfP tape in the US but renamed the two movies Call Girl Caning and The Spanked Hairdresser. It’s still available on the CalStar VOD sites like under that name.

    • spankingfilmreview April 25, 2021 at 10:41 pm #

      Thanks. You are our way-back machine. Three writers here love your detail.

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