Affair at Swiss Girls School – NUWEST NWV-73

2 May

3F/f; MF/3f; time: 30 minutes

Very old NU-WEST, number #73 in their catalogue. ‘Kimberley,’ played, we think, by Joanne Jameson in one of the earliest performances we have seen of her (short blond hair), is an American student in a Swiss school. She is accused of stealing a bracelet, and despite her denials, two teachers and the headmistress will spank her with a ruler until she confesses.

A long spanking scene, Kimberley over a desk in the usual sparsely furnished office setup. The three women spank her with a ruler; much of the spanking is masked by the spectators, but there are some satisfactory low oblique shots on the bare bottom. “That’s enough. Bring her back tomorrow.”

In a new scene, a guy, Kimberley’s father, in the U.S., learns that corporal punishment is legal in Switzerland. He hires a private detective to “dig up some dirt” on the three teachers. In the next scene we see the three teachers, naked and giggling in bed in lesbian embrace, and being secretly photographed by the detective. Their pubic hairstyles set this film back in the mid 1980’s.

In another scene, back in the headmistress’s office, Kimberley’s father confronts the teachers, shows then the nude shots of them in bed. Now they will be spanked, with the same ruler, by the father and Kimberley, while the detective gets to watch.

Long scenes of the teachers OTK with the father, then bent over the desk in the same way Kimberley was, while she completes the work with the ruler.

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