The Auction – ELITEPAIN

2 May

year: 2007; time: 30 minutes

The most of severe of producers, since RIGID EAST/LUPUS. For our amateur eyes, ELITE PAIN is more BSDM than CP and generally pushes outside of our interest area.

This is a simple concept, set in one room. Two couples are attending the charity auction, where they will make competing dollar offers, seven of them, to dictate and watch increasingly nasty things to be done to two girls, who have volunteered, fools that they are, to raise money.

The girls, actresses from affiliated Mood Pictures, accustomed to this genre–Petra, a thin blonde in pigtails; and Victoria, her brunette hair pulled back tightly, seem a bit appalled as the sequence of increasing amounts is bid for and won. They cringe as the couples describe the escalating torments they want inflicted for their seven bids.

The first winning bid: the girls must strip and fondle each other. Both have lovely hard bodies and will now remain naked through the seven events. The second bid: (things get kinky quickly) Petra must make tea, the teabags dangling from her nipples pinched there by two simple office paper clamps, while one of the woman bidders canes her bottom. We found this sequence, at least the tea-making, bizarrely funny and sufficiently moderate in intensity to be erotic. Haven’t we met irreverent women who should make tea in a conference room this way?

#3: Brunette Victoria is fastened kneeling on a very uncomfortable-looking caning bench for 30 hard strokes on the bottom and thighs from one of the women bidders. Her loud cries and quivering are convincing.

#4 Petra is whipped frontally, tied to an ‘X’ frame. The women watching seem to suspect lumps in the pants of their oogling men. We confirm, for our part too.

#5: Victoria kneels unhappily, spread-eagled on an inverted ‘V’ wedge frame for frontal and breast whipping.

#6: Victoria at the ladder; thigh whipping facing us; huge screamer/crier.

#7: Petra; her labia are pierced with a giant fishhook. We’re far beyond our interest or tolerance at this point. The acts, sets, and action are well put together, lighted, and filmed. We think we’ll stay with the hard Mood Productions canings.

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