Grounded For Caning – CALSTAR

3 May

F/3f; time: 59 minutes

Massage violations! Three girls who do massage treatments for an airline have been suspended for extra-curricular services they have provided–“extra” massages for cash, and cheeky language to boot. A thin blonde supervisor will act as disciplinarian. It is easy to fantasize that airlines could use corporal punishment to keep their young women in line. A routine effort by CALSTAR here, but an entertaining idea on how to do Human Resources with a lot of female employees.

In a flat one-room scene, barren, with brick walls, the girls are going to be spanked, using school desks and a bench-like device found in a gym. The first girl, a long-haired curly brunette, is pulled forward by the supervisor and taken OTK to receive “the sort of massage you can expect to receive you don’t step up to the mark…the reputation of the airline is at stake.” She shows the girls on the brunette’s body the inappropriate areas for touching.

“I have the authority to do what I like.” which is a long handspanking (10 minutes), including repeats. The girls’ working certificates have been pulled, pending satisfactory punishment. Pants down. The brunette kneels on the spanking bench and is shown the “airline issue paddle,” which is a floppy split-tongued studded affair. The brunette’s bottom is big, round, perfect in shape. She takes a sweet paddling, gasping along the way.

“Are you willing to accept the cane?” “I’ve got no choice, have I?” woosh woosh. “I hope you’re ready.” Almost 60 strokes on film, fully 9 minutes, sets of repeats about 4 times, from angles flattering her red bottom. “Brace yourselves for the last twelve,” also with repeats. “If there is a next time, you’ll be leaving the company with your marching orders.”

This film contains a form of tension we like–girls must watch and wait their turn while their friends receive painful punishment. A tawny blonde is next and she is not eager to step up. She is hoping: “Aren’t you tired yet?” OTK, skirt up, very subdued black lace panties. The girl tries to claim their offenses were “alleged,” but the palm falls on her bottom. Panties down, then onto the bench, “Leave your panties where they are. Your turn to meet the airline paddle.” As the paddling intensifies, she blames the other girls.

Her time for the cane: 25 strokes shown, then “brace yourself” for another dozen, very hard.

The third girl. a tall, dramatic brunette with a hot body, is spanked and paddled in the same manner. Sweet white panties sculpted on. “Oh please, not the cane.” 20 hard strokes, then 12 bracing zingers. You’ll need to take a breather when you see her twitch her bottom under the cane.

The girls are finished. “Take your uniforms off.” Little pink shorty one-piece dresses. They stand in bra and pants and suddenly jump their supervisor for a sequel we will review later.

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