Hows-Zat! – MOONGLOW

3 May

4M/2f; time: 56 minutes

Girls at the Moonglow Cricket Club run afoul of management. Actress ‘May Snow’ plays ‘Pamela Jones,’ and narrates what happened to her and her friend ‘Primrose Thrower,’ played by ‘Lucy Pope.’ Typical ageplay tomfoolery from this era of Moonglow.

Pamela holds up the cane and rubs her bottom. “Wicked, isn’t it?” She is the club president’s daughter. The girls were naughty at the club’s centennial celebration. They have to appear before the club committee. Actor, the late ‘John Kirwood,’ sits in his club blazer, talking to a group of men off-camera. Pamela was one of the cricket umpires and gave poor signals. The blond actress wears a yellow T-shirt, which she fills nicely, and black slacks. “Hear, hear,” mutter the men in the room, and John recommends Pamela be given “a good spanking by EACH member of the committee.” Kirwood begins with a slow OTK spanking. ‘Sir Harry’ and ‘Sir Walter’ take their turns.

Kirwood has the proxy of another absent member, who asked for her pants to be pulled down. Bunched knickers; “You’re going to get a taste of this.” (the tawse) She kneels on a chair and over a table to present her bottom.

Prim (rose) Thrower’s turn, a brunette with a wedge Princess Diana hairstyle. Her offense–she was drinking sherry when she should have been working and she eventually paraded naked. The committee awards her a “good tawsing.” First, the men spank her OTK. Pants down, knickers down, the tawse bare-bottom over the desk.

Cut to a new scene, the girls naked in a shower, a nice nudie interlude typical of the era, when we lusted for little illicit glimpses. Classical music soundtrack, great boobs. Kirwood catches them, having too much fun. “Report to my study at 2 PM, on the dot!”

Fade to the afternoon. The girls arrive. “You are both getting a bloody good caning.” Lucy goes first, bends over, and takes the first 15 strokes on her slacks, dead quiet. Prim gets 20 on her pants, much noisier.

This was to have been all, but they call John a “fart” as they run off, and get called back. “Strip!” We enjoyed the shower scene, but this is much better. Great boobs, full pubic thatches. Moonglow usually didn’t feature such nubile actresses. Lucy kneels over two chairs for 20 more strokes. Pamela is next–she was slower to strip and therefore quite erotic. As her clothes comes off, the camera pans the welts on Prim’s bottom. Over the chairs, Prim gets 15 strokes.

Two bottoms at the mantel; the girls stick them out for us burlesque-style.

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