Joanne Jameson Whipping Tape #4 – NUWEST

3 May

F/mf; year: 1996; time: 25 minutes

We think you can find things gathered together in the film library at NuWest, the likes of which you will have to search far and wide to duplicate. Actress ‘Joanne Jameson’ seems to have the responsibility of whipping a husband and wife.

The man and woman are stark naked, strung up on the empty sound stage. Joanne circles between them, flexing a martinet. She strips off her two piece lime green suit, down to bra and panty girdle, and begins whipping them, moving from one to the other. The camera circles both, so we get full frontals. This is all that happens on this film. Joanne’s continual scolding is not worth quoting. At about the 20 minute mark, Joanne switches from the martinet to the Australian dog whip, which seems to change the intensity of the yelps coming from the couple.

In some NuWest films, the male getting the whipping develops an erection. Not here, although the lighting is poor–there might be some stirring. The experience here increases our admiration for those male models who can produce on this stage.

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