Michelle Meets Anne Bowman – NUWEST NWV-139

3 May

F/f; year: 1998; time: 30 minutes

Young Anne Bowman,’ one of NuWest’s early dominatrix,’ works over model ‘Michelle’ in this film. In NW’s very rudimentary graphics, Anne narrates, in what sounds like a loud speaker in the studio, that Michelle will be punished for being naughty.

On the sparsely appointed sound stage, curly blond Michelle is taken OTK. Anne speaks with authority, sort of maternal, with a touch of the erotic. Skirt up, Anne takes the black panties down. Anne has Michelle get up and bring the hairbrush, providing us a naughty frontal flash circa 1988. Nice work with the hairbrush. Michelle looks very unhappy about all this.

After a blackout, Michelle now lies lengthwise on a bed, pillows under her hips. Anne wears one of those flower-print dresses which makes you wonder where NW found the thrift shop. Michelle gets the strap, on panties and then on the bare. Full swings from Bowman.

Another scene blackout; Michelle is nude but for stockings and garter belt and is strung up by the wrists. Bowman hauls the rope at the wall. Anne, wearing a conservative blue dress from a law firm, whips Michelle with a crop and cane.

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